Category: International business

    Microsoft Office 2016 Release

    Last week, the new Microsoft has started its roll-out of the new Microsoft Office 2016 or Office 16. Compatible with the new Windows 10, the Office 16 will transform...

    Determining Your Company’s Hiring Needs

    Do you have managers all over the company clamoring for approval on new hires? Then your company must be growing rapidly. Congratulations on your success! Growing quickly doesn’t come without...

    4 Tips for Overcoming Jet Lag

    If you’ve ever experienced the jet lag of traveling over multiple time zones in just a few hours, you know how crippling it can be. For those doing business...

    5 Hidden Work Productivity Killers

      If your company’s management team is frustrated by missed deadlines, frequent overtime hours, constant turnover, and low morale, it’s time to scan for hidden work productivity killers. It’s tempting to...

    Dressing Appropriately for Business in Asia

    When doing business in Asia, dressing appropriately for business meetings is critical to your success. Wearing the wrong attire can easily break your reputation and damage your credibility. Proper...

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