The virtual office: a concept rooted in society

The virtual office, to put it simply, is a set of services which, once associated, make workspaces more flexible. This allows companies to reduce their costs related to their office space without prior investment. Many companies have also chosen CEO SUITE for this reason: to reduce or increase their surface area, without commitments and without cost, depending on the presence needs of their employees in the office.
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Concretely, this “virtual” organization is based on two concepts:
– The rental of physical offices, accompanied by various services, as offered by CEO SUITE IN SINGAPORE
– A set of digital services aimed at facilitating inter-company collaboration and exchanges

For a few years, well before the emergence of teleworking, the virtual office was already a driving force in the transformation of our workspace. It brings independence and flexibility to the employee, thanks to a set of mobile tools. This allows him a better adaptability, depending on the task or missions entrusted to him.

In summary, the virtual office is the visible face of two trends, the fragmentation of physical spaces, and the rapid development of digital tools, thus greatly benefiting two fast-growing sectors.

These last two years have made it possible for companies to gain several in their digital transition projects. This has changed the security of information, the inclusion of employees, the concept of decision-making and especially communication.
However, these are methods that everyone has been using for a long time in their private sphere: when you want to know where someone is or when you want to communicate with a loved one, you send them a message. It is simply a transition from these communication tools in the professional sphere, and it happens most naturally.

But what employees regularly forget is that the virtual office in no way prevents the development of physical relationships and the inclusion of new employees. On the contrary, it can help foster them. Wired had also published an article on the subject, demonstrating that online relationships support offline relationships.

People we meet physically are more likely to talk to us virtually. Taking the example of email, colleagues who know each other inevitably have richer exchanges than those who do not rub shoulders.
The importance of a digital hub

The virtual office represents a real digital bridge between employees and their company. It is an essential pivot point in this hybrid working method and the advent of the cloud has greatly contributed to this.

An ideal replacement for the good old hard drive, cloud storage provides continuity in work and document preservation. No more sudden computer failures that cause all the work you have done to be lost. And regardless of the time and location of the user, he has the possibility of accessing his data as he wishes, everywhere, all the time, in the same way as if he were at his desk.
However, it is important to clarify that all is not white or black. The virtual ecosystem and the conventional office undeniably go hand in hand since they meet a set of complementary needs.
This is why companies must continue to make a complete digital transition, without neglecting the physical workspace, which remains the essential place of exchange to create the feeling of belonging to the company and create social ties “in real life”.

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Telework, virtual meetings or even remote collaboration, many managers would like to put an end to it. However, the return to face-to-face did not sound the death knell for these methods of organizing work.

The digital transition or the new expectations of employees call for a more flexible organization, pushing said managers to opt for a hybrid model.

It is in this context, where work space and time are more and more dispersed, where physical presence is decreasing, that the virtual office ends up imposing itself.

Between accessibility of information, and constant exchanges between collaborators, is the virtual office the workspace of the future?

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Mar 28, 2022

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