‘Helping Businesses Excel & Succeed’

Looking back on those challenging days when the Asian financial crisis rocked the business foundations of Asia, from one centre in 1997, the company has grown. Today, CEO SUITE is recognized as the industry leader, thanks to our dedicated team members who are a group of serviced office professionals.

With over 20 years of devoted hospitality, our number one priority has always been hands-on management focus on client details – our clients’ concerns always taking first amongst our priorities.

To remain the best, and to continually grow from good to great, we take each brand new day as a fresh challenge and opportunity to maximize and intensify our clients’ satisfaction and experience. We ensure we are always in the best locations, invest in luxurious facilities and the latest technologies to offer our clients the best value for their money, but we believe our most valuable strength and asset lie in our sincerity to deliver the highest quality of services to each of our clients.

Our goal is to go beyond the one-dimensional business operation of leasing office space – to become Asia’s most vibrant business hub and helpline where ENTREPRENEURS find solutions to any business issue they may come across with. We aim to enjoy the ride, and are open to offers for partnerships, new creative ideas and concepts, so long as it elevates us to our final goal and destination. We hope somewhere along the journey, you too will join us as a client, a team member and a partner in this exciting ride.

Why Choose CEO SUITE

All You Need, In One Place


Aside from workplaces, we provide other services such as business registration, IT support, recruitment services, secretarial services, accounting & finance, and others.

Service Excellence


Service is built as the core of our business. All our staff are trained to not just provide solutions but also to anticipate needs.

Flexible Options


All our services can be customized to fit your needs.

Business Network


With our strong network in Asia, we provide networking and other opportunities for you to connect.



As a representative office operating in a small/medium-sized business framework in the region at CEO SUITE, you have created an environment where we are able to focus wholeheartedly on our project tasks. It is easy for our clients to remember us, our company, and our location, because this location is great; and the services as offered by your team of sincere staff have increased our customers’ confidence in our business.

CEO SUITE provided everything we needed to jump-start our new office. There was no need to invest time and money in our own facilities.

When people on my staff perform extraordinarily well, I like to hear about it. Therefore, I want to call to your attention the instances in which your team has distinguished themselves.

The first was last week when we faced a dilemma with our practice license renewal. We had to get our practice license renewed first before I could get my work and residence permits renewed. In every difficult circumstance, your staff took great care with every detail and our work and residence permits have since been approved and received! What a great job!

Secondly, we have used your secretarial services to put together two seminars we are holding next week in Beijing. I commend the extensive preparation and wonderful job of production from printing to the eventual transportation of the books to Beijing! I have been practicing law for a long time. I know quality work when I see it. Your team always does creative, resourceful work, without complaint, and in a timely fashion. We are lucky to have you working for us.

CEO SUITE facilities are great, and access to all our market entry is a short walk away.

CEO SUITE is an ideal start-up point for new-to-market companies and service organizations. I strongly recommend CEO SUITE.

On behalf of the Embassy of Ecuador, I wish to express my gratitude to you, President and staff of CEO SUITE for the warmth and professionalism you have extended to us throughout our stay. CEO SUITE has been instrumental in opening our Embassy here in Indonesia. I take this opportunity to list CEO SUITE as one in the highest of my recommendations.

Everyone (including the taxi drivers) knows this location very well. Besides, there are many services that CEO SUITE has excelled itself in, the staff is of excellent quality, and they are always willing to go the extra steps to make things happen.

One can appreciate the CEO management’s attention to details in striving for excellent services! It feels like you are working on your home turf.