How Would You Like To Work From A Luxury Serviced Office?


It is evident how businesses these days, especially those who are now making money from the Internet, seem to be paying more and have better devotion and care to their staff and work environment so they can really get and make the most out of them. This is one of the main reasons why luxury offices have been the top choice of many companies regardless of their business size. Before serviced offices thrived in this fast paced and cutting edge business world, luxury offices used to be seen only as one fit for huge companies- those that have enough capital to maintain the luxurious office space and facilities. Today, the game has changed. Luxury offices are now at arm’s reach by small-scale business, new businesses, and large-scale businesses. Thanks to the rise of the serviced office industry, the comfort, convenience and luxury is now easily available for all businesses and industries of many different sorts.

There are many serviced office providers in the world today. These serviced providers each have their own positioning and offerings- some offer contemporary, simple services and office space, but there are also some that offer all luxury you can think of- from luxury office spaces, to high-tech equipment, down to the tiniest things such as reliable professional business support, to even booking your cabs and hotels. Mostly, these service providers offer outstanding selections, unparalleled service and exceptional value for your money. Some even let you pick your own furniture from the choices they can provide you. They offer serviced office spaces, shared offices, virtual offices, meeting rooms, conference/boardrooms, VIP lounges at customizable options so you can plan and fit it in your budget. This is why many big companies now, which started as just another small business, have thrived very well.

Flourishing economic countries today such as Manila, Philippines, and Kuala Lumpur Malaysia have also started welcoming luxury service office providers to enable their homegrown small and new businesses to start building their empires. The most effective and efficient service providers are those that are located in the central business districts of the mentioned countries. Now, both hustlers and newbies in business can rent an office space in KL Sentral, and a premium office space in Makati. Companies can now conveniently enjoy being situated in the center of commerce, and also enjoy the perks of being in known as one of the lucky few who gets to work and operate in prestigious business addresses. The advantage of having fully-serviced offices offered at cost-effective and well-conceptualized work place is on full swing these days- reasonable rental fees, minimum contract lease, customized work space, efficient IT support, multi-functional Phone/voicemails systems, telephone answering, well equipped meeting rooms and conference rooms, high-speed internet, reception services, business service areas, premium and complete breakout room and lounges, unlimited coffee and tea. With all these being offered at customizable options, your money’s worth is spent well. Boosting your businesses’ image, branding, sales and productivity has never been this smart and easy.

CEO SUITE offers one-stop premium serviced office solutions in the key cities of Asia. To know more, visit: www.ceosuite.com.

Dec 22, 2016

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