Auspicious Colours to Increase Office Productivity         

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If you have a favourite colour, it is probably your favourite because it evokes a positive emotion or a happy memory. We tend to surround ourselves with our preferred colours, whether those colours show up in your wardrobe, in your home, or in your office—or in all three of those places. Colour is important because each one vibrates at a specific frequency, and each of those frequencies corresponds to specific aspects of good health and growing wealth. So, what colours should you bring into your office to promote well-being and abundant business? Read on.


Blue is a universal favourite because it is calming and relaxing. In Feng Shui decorating, blue is the colour of communication, opening channels for understanding with colleagues, business partners, clients, and loved ones. In all its shades, blue induces calming of the mind and an increase in quiet, rational thought, which is perfect for business situations where logic, intelligence, and skilful negotiation are paramount. Use blue in a conference room or where large numbers of employees gather to discuss outcomes of various campaigns.

Red has the highest frequency of all the colours, so it is no surprise that red has the greatest effect on the body. Red is power; it is energy and a pulsing vibrancy. Red promotes productivity, so if you are naturally tired and sluggish at certain times of the day, shots of red will help you feel more energetic and physically stimulated. Put red in places where it will be visible to you when you need a pick-me-up, such as in the morning or late afternoon.


Yellow has a powerful impact on creativity, so if yours is a profession that demands a great deal of your imagination, surround yourself with yellow. Yellow is also associated with optimism and positive thinking because it directly stimulates the mind, pushing you in the direction of looking at your work and your future in a glowing and happy manner. Some people shy away from bright yellows, but less intense versions of yellow are also perfectly acceptable and produce good effects on positivity and creativity.


Green is nature’s neutral colour, and it is the perfect colour to bring into your office for balance and growth. Layers of various greens signify nature’s abundance, which translates into abundance in your home and business life. Green plants are an excellent way to introduce green in an office, especially if you do not have the opportunity to do a lot of decorating (as is the case when you are renting a virtual office space in Asia or around the world). If you have more control over how your office is decorated, consider adding plenty of green when you need a calming, balanced atmosphere—especially if your office is a place where money exchanges hands.

We are far more influenced by colour than we think. Use specific colours in deliberate ways to uplift, balance, calm, or energize you in all aspects of business life.

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Feb 20, 2015

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