Your Ultimate Guide on Office Space Leasing


There are so many tricks and tips you can use when you are in search for an office space.

Having an office space can drain your company’s resources. For start-ups, it may not be advisable to pursue except for unique business solutions that may be available.

Standard commercial real estate companies usually demand 5-20 years of lease terms, not so much of an ideal requirement to new businesses who are in need of more growth opportunities and do not need extra and binding liabilities.

Although there are other factors and things a business can consider to minimize cost and maximize profits, such as downsizing personnel, the office space plays a major role in the financial budget of any company.

Any startup entrepreneur or business should know that nowadays, leasing covers and talks about more than just getting a workspace. Just like times have changed, business’ needs aren’t always now fit to operate in a plain and bare commercial space.

The rise of serviced offices and virtual offices have changed the way people and business work and function. There are also shared offices, which some call Co-Working Spaces, where terms of payments and leasing requirements are flexible while also giving better opportunities for other business networking matters. Many big companies today have also started their way from leasing co-working spaces, some even started on sticking to working at home and just getting their companies a virtual office while continuing to work on the growth of their businesses.

The main reason startup businesses should not commit to a conventional office space is the big chunk of liquidity lost. Imagine a small business, having just enough to continue operating everyday with high hopes of many opportunities to open being required to give away half, sometimes even more so, of their liquid cash just for an office space, which still needs so much work to polish with furniture, facilities, and appliances every office needs. Getting rid of high operating costs like this is a big breather for small companies, which in return frees up capital and enables these small and start up businesses to do more and stay liquid.

Commonly, many businessmen mistake these types of offices (serviced offices, virtual office, shared offices) as only an office for certain types of businesses, such as small ones, startups, businesses that are offering services too. Truth is, these types of offices cater even to big and multinational companies, as these types offices offer them chances to branch out internationally with more ease, comfort and assistance. These types of offices are usually equipped with a workforce that is hired to focus on aiding your needs. Also, these types of offices are usually present in prestigious business addresses and places, better computers, communication technologies than what you or your company could afford alone. These types of offices are like an “easy in, easy out” set-up between companies and themselves, offering less hassle and faster turnover which enables companies to start working, functioning and operating in no time. It is simple a commercial space that delivers you value and truth in “start working right away” promises, getting you equipped straight down to business.

Settling in for a serviced office, or a virtual office, or a shared office space is a cost-effective solution to your office space dilemma, especially when you are the type of business or company that needs to avoid the trials and ordeals of a traditional / conventional property letting such as a wowing 20 years of lease contract, getting reliable references, big amount of deposit requirements, personal guarantees from directors, min. size requirements you have to lease, cost of equipment and furniture to fill in the bare office space. Most of all, beyond the budget you need to allot for your serviced office / virtual office, or shared office space, do not forget that what you paying for goes beyond just the physical aspect of it. You are buying time, paying for more time you can well use for other things — say more important ones, like sales, networking, partnerships, and the likes, than allotting those time for setting up a plain and bare office space.

Nov 17, 2016

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