Transmit Better Messages, Use Video Conferencing!


According to a study in communication, while people are able to effectively communicate verbally, three-fourths of the messaging are communicated via the non-verbal cues. So if a big chunk of what is transmitted gets lost when you rely on audio or written modes, what can you do to bridge the communication gap? The answer: use Video Conferencing.

Marrying audio and video technologies, video conferencing provides the clarity of audio conversations and the physical presence associated with face-to-face meetings.

Additionally, video conferencing has not only reduced the need to travel miles and miles to meet personally for varied business agendas, it also has revolutionized visual transmission of information across attendees. In short, the best experience in sharing thoughts can happen via video conferencing at a fraction of the cost!

If you are considering the use of video conferencing but do not know how and when you should use it for, here are some points to remember:


  • When non-verbal or visual information is critical in a conversation;
  • When at a short time notice, you need to host a meeting with people in different locations or parts of the world;
  • When you want to save on traveling time and costs;
  • When scheduling a guest speaker or resource person in a different location for your local team.

At CEO SUITE, we know that mobile executives often need ready infrastructure to convene partners so we found a way to provide a practical way to bring them together via video conferencing. Each of our locations has multiple rooms and packages to make virtual meetings at any part of the globe possible within a reasonable price grid. Our video conferencing facilities come with the comforts of your own office with dedicated support staff, beverage and catering service as optionals.

Visit www.ceosuite.com now for more details of our video conferencing packages.

Jun 23, 2014

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