Tips on how to create a good working atmosphere in the office


One undeniable fact we all have to live with is the fact that most of us have work at places we are less excited to get up in the morning and go to. There are traffic jams we have to think about even before riding in our cars. There’s also the money we spend that we have to consider for our transportation to our workplaces. The time we also waste to travel is also there. It is much more pleasing and way less taxing to go to a work environment that is filled with positivity and fun. A workplace that is filled with these positive energies creates better emotional health, physical health even, and productivity. The better we feel at work, the more we genuinely enjoy our jobs and strengthen our loyalty to the company we work for.

Here are a few tips that can help you promote a good working environment in your workplace to keep your team motivated, productive, successful and maintain positive vibes within the whole company:


It is like a rule of thumb, if you want your officemates or the people around you to be positive people, you must also throw out positive vibrations to them. It has to start from within you. Present an attitude of positivity, enthusiasm, and approachability. This way you can show your coworkers that you are a welcoming person, available when you needed, and also willing to be of help. Smile, be pleasant, be a nice person. Talk and converse with kindness and encouragement. Most importantly, never entertain or start complains, whine, and gossip.


It is people’s nature to mimic what they always see from people they are always with. If people in the office see you merely surviving your work day, then that’s what they think is the norm and will tend to mimic the exact energy. But, if they see and feel your enthusiasm at work, they will also feel more inspired to be at work and in return be more productive and driven at work.


Being available is like being a welcoming person to your coworkers. If you are bogged down with all the things you need to do, you may appear distant to your teammates. It is usual to be usual at work, especially if it is a crucial day for the company, but trying to take at least an hour or two our your whole week just to share conversations with your officemates and ask them about how everything is going for them in the office may mean a lot and will give them a relief from all the office stress. This is why if you think you are filled with so much work and doesn’t have the time to do this anymore, it is advisable to consider outsourcing business support services to help you manage some of your duties and tasks. Your workers, employees, officemates, and/ or delegates’ emotional, physical and intellectual health are of much importance to your company’s health. They’re the ones helping you run the company, after all. There are many business services outsourcing firms you can check out, for one, CEO SUITE offers complete professional business services solution – from accounting and taxation, to company registration, secretarial support, hiring and recruitment. It doesn’t matter if you have only a virtual office space in CEO SUITE Hanoi, or a serviced office space in CEO SUITE Hanoi, these business services support solutions is something every small and large scale business owners should consider.


Along the many months, even years, you spend with these people in the office, it is normal to see some employees who appear to be getting bored, tired and uninspired with their jobs. You can ask them what can be done to boost their motivation and happiness with their jobs. Listening and taking into consideration their feedbacks can give you insights that help you also better the company’s approach and relationship to its employees.

Nov 16, 2016

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