Simple Hacks for Work Stress Management


Most of our lives, we spend time working in the office, regardless if we work in a traditional office, or a serviced office. In fact, 80% and less, and in some worse cases, more is the ridiculous percentage of what comprises our daily lives. We spend the whole day at work, spend 1-2 hours for lunch or dinner, spend a good 6 hours (or 8 if you’re lucky) at home to rest, all of which we do while sitting, and lying down. Also, since it is undeniable how big chunk of our daily lives are allocated for work, our emotions goes far beyond our physical and mental health. When things don’t go our way in the office, when there’s tension between our workmates, when you’re swamped with due dates- it all affects our body’s stress level immunity. So many of us do not take stress seriously, we shrug the idea as long as we get to sleep later tonight after a long workday. However, continuous and repetitive work ways, routinely physical activities entail long term stress which can have terrible consequences on our bodies, varying from heart problems and high blood pressure to pain and infertility, while very few of us know how to essentially alleviate stress. And while these stress relief tips and tricks won’t get to the core of your troubles, they absolutely serve as great work stress management techniques to aid you get through your everyday routines.

Nowadays, there are many companies, ranging from startups to small scales and large scales have already left the traditional offices invested in serviced offices. Workers who enjoy the benefit of serviced offices as their workplace gets to enjoy the advantages of both leisure and comfort right where they work. Serviced offices are office spaces that offer complete office solution wherein the services of the usual hotels and inns are taken and tailor fit into a business aspect. The services can even go up the extra mile be in customization in accordance to your company’s needs and requirements. Some service providers have business lounges where you can relax, take a break, or even bring your work for different ambiance than just your office desk, there is also room for these few and short stretching tips and tricks to help throughout your day in the office.

Front Arm Stretch.
Intertwine your fingers together; turn your arms and palms away from your face and body, then slowly stretch your arms away and forward as far as you can. Do this for a good 30 seconds.

Shoulder and Arms Stretch
Snatch your right elbow by your left hand; pull your arms closer to your chest, just below your collarbone and stretch. Do the same for the other arm. Hold your stretches in both sides for a good 30 seconds each.

Neck Stretch
Slowly move your neck to the left side while having your right shoulder stretched down. Do the same for the other side of your neck and shoulders. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds. You may also do this in a controlled faster motion, depending on your preference

Neck Flex
Intertwine your hands together; place it in the back of your head- just right above your nape area. Then slowly, push down your head towards your chest. Push your head towards your chest as close as you can and hold in that stretching position for 30 seconds. Then do the reverse by interlocking your fingers together again, but this time to be placed under your chin. Push your chin up while your head slowly moving to rest back down. Stretch as far as you can and hold it in place for 30 seconds.

Torso Stretch
Stand both on your feet with both your hands placed on your hips. Mildly twist your torso at waist parallel, hold until stretch is felt then stay on that position for good 30 seconds, and then repeat on the other side.

Buttocks Stretch
Take a good seat, lay your left ankle on right knee and then rest both your hands on your lower left leg. Push your body forward and towards your placed legs and hands. Make sure your body is on a straight and flat position. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds. Then repeat to the other side.

Feet Flex
In a sitting position, lay your back flat and comfortably on the chair’s back rest. Make your feet hang, not touching the floor, then move both feet in circular motion in opposite directions. Count 15 seconds, then reverse the motion for another 15 seconds.

Forearm Stretch
Straighten elbow with palm facing upward, use your other hand to pull the other hand downwards, and then stretch by pushing backwards. Do the same to the other side. Hold the stretch for both sides for 15 seconds each side.

Remember to always give priority to your health. Managing stress has been long underrated in the corporate world that many neglect to give just such little time to relax. You can also share these tips to your workmates as no matter how small exercise you do, it still helps in releasing feel good hormones, which are oxytocin that encourages a happy working environment. Also, if you a company owner, a business owner that encourages healthy, comfortable working environment, serviced office might just actually be a good choice for you as you business’ work space. There are many options for service providers that you can choose from. For one, CEO SUITE is a serviced office provider that offers different services for clients who need serviced offices, instant office, virtual office and professional services for their companies. Whether clients need at least office space for one person, or a larger office space requirement for 50 employees, CEO SUITE has office space layouts from private managerial suites, open plan layouts and made-to-order arrangements in a combination of suites.

Furnished offices can be rented on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis, whatever your requirement demands. You can now make quick and more abrupt responses to market changes with CEO SUITE’s flexible office space commitments.

Mar 30, 2016

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