Simple Diet Plan for Office Workers


Still such a big chunk of world’s population is employed in a corporate office than that of business owners. While it is true that being entitled to a corporate job is glamour, a prestige even, but being in an 8-5 job daily also has its cons.

The office life can be fun for the presence of social life is easily at reach, the pay is usually better than other jobs, plus the prestige of being part of the central business district of the country is also something to be proud of, for you are taking part in the hustle and bustle of the city that aids the country’s economy. However, being in an executive office for 8-9hours daily and only getting an hour break from that is not an easy task for everyone. To be engaged long hours in front of the computer, statically seated on your office chair for 7-8 hours straight also has its long term negative effects. This could increase your weight, and eventually affect your health.

There is one way, however, to keep your health intact. Proper diet is a healthy and safe way to keep you from gaining weight even without much exercise.

Here are a few tips you can religiously follow when it comes to your diet in the office:

1. Have a balanced diet.

This sounds cliché, but balance is always good. Balancing your diet is all about having a little bit of everything in just the right amount, or better in equal amounts. You may select your own diet contents.

2. Breakfast is a must!

Yes! One should never skip a breakfast. Breakfast, as known is too many, is that one meal that supplies you the most energy and nutrients to survive the day.

3. Grab a light lunch.

Taking light lunch is a good way to keep the fat being stored in the body longer and in bigger amounts since you are basically just sitting the entire day at the office.

4. Since you had light lunch, you must also take light dinner.

You can opt to go for lean meat this time- can be fish, chicken and beef, as long as you don’t eat way too much at night. Just make sure to fill in the space in your stomach to last through the night while you’re asleep.

5. Stay active.

It is still vital that you try to involve yourself in physical activities- no matter how short, or how small.

Apr 26, 2016

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