Personalizing Your Serviced Office Space

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Virtual offices and serviced offices offer distinct advantages for business owners who normally work from home or do not have office space in all the cities where they have clients. These types of offices allow you to rent a professional address and classy office or conference space on demand, so you can impress clients. However, you don’t want a too-tidy desk to reveal to clients that this is not your primary work space. If you’re renting office space or conference rooms, you can keep it from looking generic and impersonal by personalizing your serviced office space.

Customize a Conference Room

Your best bet for preparing for an important meeting is to book a conference room in your serviced office space. Conference rooms don’t have to look personalized, but they do look professional. Your clients won’t expect family photos, houseplants, or other knick-knacks and personal touches in a room that is used for multiple people throughout the day. You can impress clients by bringing a few company-branded items into the conference room with you, such as an iPad with your company logo on it, or coffee mugs with your company name. Many serviced or virtual office spaces also offer beverage or snacks, so you can offer these items as show of hospitality. If you know your clients prefer a certain type of snack or drink, contact the support staff at your serviced office and they can cater your meeting with customized food and beverages.

Carry a Few Personal Items into Your Executive Suite

If you’re meeting your clients in an executive suite or in a serviced office, you’ll need to plan on bringing a few personal items to warm up a generic office. Have your laptop, papers, files, and other office supplies on the desk to make it look used, but keep it neat. If possible, carry in a small framed photo or two (make sure the photos are of your family or friends and not people you don’t know), a business card holder, a name plate, a small plant, or one or two little knick-knacks that reflect your interests or personality. A coffee mug on the desk is a good touch.

Rent Office Space for Weeks or Months at a Time

It makes sense to rent serviced or virtual office space for longer lengths of time if you plan on visiting or working in that city extensively. Longer lease terms also allow you to personalize the space more comfortably. As long as you can carry it out with you when your lease is up, you can haul it in and brighten things up. Check your lease agreement for specific directions about what can and cannot be brought in, and then work within those parameters. Artwork such as paintings and small sculptures, photos, plants, and industry-related magazines all help warm things up and make it look like you are there all the time.

Serviced or virtual offices spaces are ideal when you plan on extending your business into Asian or Western markets. Contact CEO SUITE today to learn your options.

Jan 31, 2015

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