Office Plants that Attract Joy, Love, and Prosperity

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If you spend much time in your office—whether it is a home office or in a traditional workplace—you know that a pleasant atmosphere is important. Along with treasured personal possessions like family pictures or special knick-knacks, plants are a wonderful way to add personality and colour. Some plants in particular are said to attract certain types of positive energies, such as joy, love, and prosperity. Who doesn’t need more of that?

Choose office plants based on your ability to care for them well. Choose containers for the plants that can be easily carried to make it simpler to clean and move them around as needed. Keeping plants in smaller containers makes it easier to quickly adorn permanent office spaces or serviced offices in Asia and around the world.

Here are several types of plants that bring positive energy as well as beauty (and sometimes a delightful scent) to your workspace for you and your clients to enjoy.

Lucky Bamboo

Bamboo is one of the most obvious plants to have in an office space. Lucky bamboo shoots up green stalks about the thickness of your thumb, and each stalk produces bright green leaves. These stalks can be straight or curled. Placed in the correct pot, lucky bamboo is also one of the easiest plants to use in Feng Shui decorating, channelling various positive and balancing energies. One, two, or three stalks carry with them positive connotations, including love, happiness, long life, and wealth. Never keep a lucky bamboo plant with only four stalks, however, as this connotes death in Chinese lore.


For the person who cannot devote much time to tending plants, a cactus plant or two is ideal. Cactus plants symbolize endurance, and can bring beneficial energies into startups or companies going through changes. Cacti and succulents come in dozens of different shapes, colours, and sizes, and none of them require more than some good, sandy soil and a tiny bit of water every now and then. Cactus plants signify endurance and strength. A collection of different types of cacti and succulents grouped together makes a beautiful display.


The exotic orchid bloom is prized in many cultures and has carried with it different positive meanings throughout time and across continents. Orchids are lovely plants to contemplate and are adored by aficionados and amateurs, making them ideal as an office plant as well as a gift. Orchids are said to attract luxury, love, and strength.

Spider Plants

For a big shot of green without a lot of fuss, spider plants are an excellent choice. The thin, long leaves of a spider plant look luscious trailing down from a high shelf or a hanging basket. Additionally, spider plants can thrive in both sun and partial shade—or even a windowless office with fluorescent lighting—and just need watering when the soil is dry to the touch. Whenever you need a brain boost, stand near a spider plant and breathe in fresh oxygen. Spider plants are said to bring truth and mental clarity to a business environment.

Any of these office plants are excellent choices for someone without a green thumb or a lot of time to garden. When it comes to professional offices with instant prestige and no long-term commitments, check out serviced offices in Asia at CEO Suites. Located throughout Asia, these offices allow you to make a good impression without the need to purchase and maintain real estate. Contact us to reserve your new serviced or virtual office space in Asia.

Feb 12, 2015

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