How Mobile Technology has Revolutionized Business Travel

With modern technology, business travel has become even more convenient for everyone. However, it has also become the justification for some companies to cut-back on costs spent on business trips for their employees since most business transactions nowadays can all be done online.

Looking at the brighter side, with the advancement of mobile technology, being out on long business trips abroad is no longer a hindrance to the smooth operations of any business. All our office emails, business reports and client presentations can now be done via our high-tech mobile gadgets that all have high speed internet and data connectivity. Video conferencing anytime is no longer an issue since we all have Skype on Mobile or Facebook Video. Viber calls and phone messenger applications like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Line are readily available for instant communication requirements regardless of geographical location.

Business travel has changed so much throughout the decades, made even more possible with the entry of budget carriers worldwide. Same day return flights often required by business travelers have been accommodated by carriers with the opening of early morning/dawn flights and “red eye” (midnight) flights so that the work day can be maximized efficiently. Even baggage requirements of frequent business travelers have also been taken into account by airlines who now offer fares with hand carry luggage only at discounted rates. Airline frequent flyer programs have improved member benefits including dining offers, car rentals and other travel-related benefits. Online flight and hotel booking mobile phone applications are available for immediate business trip requirements – every change in the trip itinerary can be done with a single click of a button on one’s mobile device. Hotels have also created a new category – business hotels or boutique hotels – have proliferated globally to address this need for basic hotel commodities by business travelers; and loyalty programs have been developed for corporate clients to attend to their regular travel needs who also extend special discounts.

Another interesting development is the proliferation of premium business centers, not just at the airports, but also in the CBD areas where one can catch up on work while relaxing at prestigious business lounges or private office suites with high-speed Internet, free-flowing coffee and tea, as well as document printing/scanning facilities. Meeting rooms for small or big groups are also available for hourly or daily use. In Asia, one of the finest providers of this unique service is CEO SUITE that has 19 premium business centres in the CBD areas of Singapore, Jakarta, Makati, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Hanoi, Seoul, Shanghai and Beijing.

Indeed, everything you need is just there, making it a seamless journey for businessmen who need to travel the globe regularly. As a jetsetter, you know what you need whenever you travel and as long as you have your mobile phone working, plus, all the apps you require to book a flight, a hotel, a car rental, etc., you are all set for the whole calendar year. Just make sure, you also get to insert some leisure time along the way to make the journey less exhausting and more meaningful.

Sep 20, 2016

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