Holiday Mode is still on With These Signs Evident In Your Workplace

It is always a great thing to have a long weekend, or probably a few more days of holidays, until it ends. There are loads of people in the world who are morose about getting back to the grind. Although, there are the super enthusiastic ones who are looking forward to getting back to work, the ones who have had nothing short of awesome with their vacations are probably still reading this and wondering how to get pass the first day back to work again. Let’s face it, most of us do not want to end a weekend or a holiday to end, only if we could all afford to do so!

The first thing to do to overcome sluggishness in going back to work is acceptance. Yes, the acceptance that we all must get back to reality and work.

  1. You’re still in denial mode that the weekend is over. You’re head’s still on cloud 9, and you have been going real S-L-O-W at work.


  1. You start opening your bulk unread emails, which suddenly makes you think of the all the pending work, tasks and due dates, and all you want to do is unplug your computer.


  1. You can’t help but look at the clock the whole time and then realize it’s only Monday and you still have four more days to do this.


  1. You just want to take an under time, worse, file an SL.


  1. You keep going over the photographs you took last holiday/ long weekend that makes you so sad about going back to work, only to find out you have a working lunch today!!




Head up, high. We’re all in this together!

Jun 22, 2016

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