Experts’ Advice on Boosting Productivity? Stop Working


Recently, experts from Baylor University conducted a study on how to boost productivity among employees, and what they found out may come out as a shock to many. It turns out that taking breaks actually contribute a lot to a person’s day-to-day productivity, but only if you make the most out of the few minutes you have for a break. Here’s how to make your breaks count.

Take as many breaks as you need

No, seriously. The study showed that multiple, short breaks actually help employees replenish their spent energy and help boost their productivity throughout the rest of the day. They even suggested that breaks should be taken every hour just to make sure that you don’t get burnt out with your tasks. And the thing is, it may take several attemps to find the right setup and frequency of breaks that let you work better and smarter, but it’s there and it’s worth figuring out.

It’s better to do it in the morning

Another tip to help you make your breaks count is if you do them in the morning. According to the study, it’s typically easier for employees to recharge in the morning, plus it yields better results. Waiting until almost all your energy is gone in the afternoon before taking a break is not advisable, since you’re already exhausted and it may be more difficult to exert energy on actually trying to bounce back from exhaustion.

Do something you love

This is the best part about taking a break—you get to do whatever you love and have the luxury to just relax for a few minutes before soldiering on again with work. What you do during your break doesn’t have to be the same with what everyone else is doing. Whether it’s watching funny cat videos, calling your significant other, or checking your social media feeds, it could absolutely help you refresh, clear your head, and help you focus when it’s time for you to get back to work.

Oct 16, 2015

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