Creative Co-Working Spaces in Jakarta


In this day and age, the digital industry in Jakarta is now dominated by young entrepreneurs who have slowly turned their small business into multi-million dollar businesses. They have all formed a bandwagon with a community of young successful businessmen who share the same interests in technology and have an aspiration for being industry leaders.

This advent has resulted to the rise of “co-working offices” that are spacious, open-plan and modern-designed working areas that foster creativity and personal interaction amongst colleagues or even non-colleagues. These unique office spaces are occupied by employees in their early 20s or 30s who already boast of high positions in their organizations. The “open layout” is conducive for free-thinking and exchange of ideas derived from the social networking that the place promotes.

“Co-working offices” bring together like-minded entrepreneurs from various lines of expertise who collaborate on business projects, share jobs and assist on each others’ client needs. The new generation of businessmen possess a unique interest in working techniques that are not limited to the conventions of traditional corporate life. They have a different lifestyle which is most of the time, the “work hard, play hard” attitude who love to celebrate small victories and enjoy travelling a lot whether for work or leisure.

This modern type of office space has proliferated in Jakarta now because of the increasing number of these ambitious young I.T.-savvy entrepreneurs who require more flexibility on office space costs and rental periods. They are more transient but require co-working office locations in the CBD areas that are accessible to main public transportation and commercial hubs including retail establishments.

Majority of “co-working” spaces are “hole-in-the-wall” types that have very crude interiors and basic furnishing – they do not exactly depict a reputable company name or business address and serves more like a coffee shop with bigger desks and with printing facilities.

However, there are a few of those who provide the same workspace concept but carry a more reputable name, have a prime CBD address and a more decent work environment, that can help your business a lot in terms of publicity and establishing a more professional corporate image. One of them is CEO SUITE that has business centres with “co-working” spaces in prime CBD areas in Jakarta that include: AXA Tower, One Pacific Place, Sahid Sudirman, Indonesia Stock Exchange Tower and Wisma GKBI. CEO SUITE also has modern meeting rooms for small and big groups with video-conferencing facilities for hourly or daily rent, a fully-equipped pantry with free-flowing coffee and tea, printing and scanning facilities, a VIP business lounge and private office suites.

If you think you are not ready yet to have a private office that may require higher fees and longer commitment on rental period, “co-working” office solutions might work better for you. Learn more about “co-working” offices by visiting: www.ceosuite.com/co-working/.

Nov 21, 2016

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