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Are you interested in taking your company to the next level with content marketing? Content marketing is a classic online marketing strategy that has recently become extremely popular. This is partially because recent algorithm updates from Google and Yahoo are rewarding websites that create new, high quality content. Maintaining a social media presence also can help your website and enhance your brand image. And finally, creating shareable articles that link back to your company or website can help generate leads, new customers, and ultimately drive new traffic to your website.

Content marketing involves using written articles, blogs, infographics, videos, webpages, and infographics to help market your company. Content marketing can help you retain your current customers. Utilizing content marketing strategies can help you build a positive brand image online, and it can also help you spread word about your company’s services two new clients and customers.

Here are six key content marketing areas to explore.

  • Blogging
  • Adding pages to your website
  • Social media
  • Publishing articles
  • Videos
  • Infographics


Since Major search engines like Google and Yahoo reward companies that work at improving their website regularly, blogging has a lot of value. It has SEO value and a lot of potential value as a piece of new content that is highly shareable to your potential customers. However blogging needs to be done correctly in order to help your website. If you are posting or reposting things from other sites or even worse yet copying text from another website then this can have a bad impact on your website. It could get you penalized or worse yet it could even get you banned by certain search engines. Make sure your content on blogs is high quality (since search engines have methods of checking for typos and grammar problems) and is unique content that was written specifically for this blog.


Adding pages to website

In addition to blogging rushing out a website is a great way of building credibility and contributing to SEO. Search engines rank websites that have regular content updates much higher than our website that is placed on the site and not touched for 10 years. A search engine will rate the latter as a possibly irrelevant or highly out-dated site that should not be shown to viewers on the first pages of search results. That is why adding pages and finding ways to build out your website is a strategy that works for SEO long-term. When you look at this from a perspective of a search engine, you can see that companies that are growing and adding new services and locations will be adding pages periodically and this is why search engines rate these websites much higher.


Social media

Maintaining a few strong social media profiles for your company (which includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus, Instagram, Snapchat) is also an effective way to share content and promote your company. Social media can be an affective way of building your brand image online and helping to maintain current customers. Since study show that maintaining your customer base is the most cost-effective way of getting customers you can see that investing a small amount in social media could really pay off long-term. Instead of feeling like you have to maintain a strong social media profile on every single social channel, just focus on 3-5 of the social media channels that your customers are most likely to be using.


Publishing articles

If you are an expert in your field and you probably are if your business centre then consider publishing articles to share your wisdom and expertise. In today’s world thought leaders are highly regarded and publishing articles online can be a way of growing our business and building a brand and credibility. If you don’t know where to start publishing look to social media channels like LinkedIn or consider major industry publications that you regularly read or subscribe to.



Videos are shareable and can be an effective way of explaining things about your company or products that might be difficult or tedious to read. A high-quality video that describes how to use a product can be more effective been a long 10 page article that describes the same information. However be aware that video content is not searchable by search engines. This means that a search engine will not “listen” to all the content in a video in order to decide whether to suggest a certain video when someone does a search for a particular topic. For this reason you need to make sure that videos are optimize whenever possible and that similar content can be found in written form on your website that is index-able.



For select audiences infographics and other shareable visual content can be highly effective to build and retain a customer base. Not all user groups will appreciate or share an infographic, however, and like videos they are not indexable so they may provide less SEO value than an article that covers the same topic. However remember that certain information is much more likely to be reviewed in a pleasing visual format been in a long article. Infographics can be a fun way to engage with your prospective customers. Infographics like many other types of content marketing can be an effective way of helping your company grow and expand.


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May 29, 2015

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