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Conference Call

Thanks to globalization, the world has shrunk. As we speak, professionals compete on the global stage with local, regional and even international talents. Business deals span over more geographies, and cross over time zones and cultures.

Interestingly, progress and success in this complex world can only be attained through communication, and fortunately, communication through technology has evolved to make the lives of busy professionals more convenient. Case in point: conference calls.

Conference calling is a method of telephone communication where several parties can speak together at one time, as opposed to the traditional two-way phone call. Conference calls are typically used in the workplace for meetings where it is impractical or unnecessary for all invitees to physically be in the same location, although with the latest developments in personal smart phone technology, non-business use of conference calling is also becoming more popular.

Conference calls for any purpose offers a variety of advantages, particularly when a video feature is added. Whether via a three-way calling or hosting a conference call via a conference bridge, conference calls enable companies to remotely organize meetings with attendees’ stationed at all different locations. Conference calling has also paved the way for transparency in governance by allowing multinationals to report company achievements in consistent, regular and affordable manners.

The other beauty of hosting a conference call is its versatility as a mode of communication – this can either be a stand-alone mode, or be complementing other existing modes of communication. Thinking of hosting a webinar? Why not make your discussions clearer by providing an audio interface through conference calls?

Hear this: if you are a business professional looking for a broader clientele base, leverage on conference calling to talk and meet up with your future partners. And if you are concerned with the huge upfront capital investment for a conference equipment, don’t be! Business centres like CEO SUITE, a serviced and virtual office solution provider offers all year round special packages for all your boardroom, and conferencing requirements.

Enlarge your territories, and tap on all the advantages of today’s technology. Try video conferencing today.

May 20, 2014

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