Building a Strong Profile on Professional Networking Sites Like LinkedIn



Whether you own a successful business or you’re just starting your first job, a strong online profile on a career networking site like LinkedIn will help you in your career. Having a good online profile is as important as having a professional business card, a great office, or an impressive business address. Many people overlook the importance of professional networking online, claiming that they go to conferences and events but don’t have time for online networking, but professional networking is something everyone should work on regularly to stay marketable in their chosen career.

LinkedIn membership grew 50% in Asia Pacific last year

Career networking sites like LinkedIn are becoming increasingly popular in the Asia Pacific region. Last year, LinkedIn membership in Asia Pacific hit 50 million members, and this region has the strongest growth trends of any in the world. The most popular industries in Asia on LinkedIn are: Banking & Financial Services, Telecommunications, IT & Services, Oil & Energy, and Hospitality.

Career networking sites are not just for executives anymore

LinkedIn is becoming increasingly popular for employees in all levels at a company, so if you haven’t paid much attention to your profile lately, it’s time to update it. Many human resources departments utilize these sites not just for recruiting, but also when they are making recommendations for promotions within the company.

Why you need a strong profile on career networking sites like LinkedIn:

  • You can move up the career ladder faster by looking like an executive before you’re there. Many companies feature executive bios and photos on their website and they use LinkedIn to research potential promotions within the company. If you already look like you belong in the executive suite, you’re more likely to be promoted.
  • Having a strong profile will help you get a job. Most companies now use sites like LinkedIn to help recruit for new positions, so it pays to have a strong profile, which includes a good online resume, and a professional photo.
  • A good photo and profile helps you network in your industry and strengthens your career relationships. Having a strong career networking profile can help you get more clients, receive more invitations to speak, and enjoy greater notoriety in your career.

The right career photo can make a good impression

You can stand out from other job candidates (or even be found by potential employers) by having a winning profile. A big part of having a good online profile on career networking sites like LinkedIn is having the right photo. If you don’t have a photo, studies show that your profile is nearly 20% less likely to be viewed. Here are tips on creating a professional profile photo that will help you in your career.

  • Look directly at the camera. Studies show that business photos where the person is looking directly at the camera are better. They make people rate you as being trustworthier and more focused on your work.
  • Wear business attire. This photo is your introduction to people who may want to interview you for a job, so put your best foot forward and wear the kind of clothes you’d wear to your most professional business meeting.
  • Select a good background. You don’t want a busy background competing for attention with your face. It can be outdoors or indoors, but it shouldn’t be a cluttered desk or a busy street scene.
  • Headshots are more business like. Full-body shots aren’t a good pick for a profile shot on a career networking site. You want people to see your face and recognize you, so your photo should be head and shoulders only.
  • Hire a professional. If you really want your career networking profile to look the best, you will benefit from the touch that a professional photo will give your profile.

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Feb 19, 2015

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