Advantages of Virtual Office Space


Virtual Office space or virtual offices have now made its way to business circle’s talk of the town. This kind of office space leasing allows entrepreneurs, businessmen and new formed corporations to reduce the cost of their business’ production and at the same time use a prestigious business and location maintain, improve and boost professional business networking. Having a Virtual Office space gives you the benefit of having an address for your company, whether new or existent for years now, and access to all the essential amenities every business needs to be able to thrive. This allows you to enjoy the comfort, convenience and proper business atmosphere and ambiance for your business dealings and meetings. Video conferencing is one common technology you will have the benefit of accessing as well when you take on a Virtual Office Space rental.

Usually, business people take Virtual office space for small and/or start up companies, but Virtual Office spaces can also work out for large companies. Virtual office space is also one perfect choice for those who are interested and have plans of expansion and need a more professional environment, this specifically targets people who work at home. Through the virtual office space you rent, you will be able to maintain control on your costs whilst still having the flexibility and opportunity to grow your business in the future.

In a nutshell, a Virtual office space, also known as Virtual business centers to some provides all the advantages of a professional working conducive atmosphere, a prestigious office address and office communications. Virtual office spaces provide your business with all those things without having to be obliged to set up a physical and actual office space. Instead of a physical office space, Virtual offices is a service that handles telephone answering, e-mail and mail handling, and other facilities necessary to run a successful business.

Here are some of the advantages of having a Virtual Office Space:

1. Professional and prestigious business address – Companies that rent a Virtual Office Space can have their businesses addressed at prominent business buildings without having to rent an actual office space at the said building. Having a prestigious address can help boost the business’ impression to clients, establish credibility, possible partnerships, etc.,

2. Cost savings – Since you are not renting a physical office space with your virtual office, your cost savings are substantial. Compared merely having a PO box address, having your business addressed at a prestigious building and area allows your business to enjoy the benefit of maintaining and showing off a professional image with very low cost.

3. No huge down payments required – When you are buying a property, esp. an office space at a prominent business district area, you are commonly required to give a down payment that are usually huge in amount. This can take a big chunk out of the business’ finances. By leasing/ renting, esp. Virtual Office Spaces, you can have your money used for expanding your business instead.

4. Short-term options – Any growing business comes together with the changes in needs. As you are expanding, you will notice the changes in your needs. One good example of this is growing out of office space. Since you are only leasing/renting a virtual office space, your contract with your office space service provider is, more often than not, short-term. This gives you the option to move to bigger office spaces, or bigger buildings that will be more fitting for your now expanding business.

5. Reception Services – All your parcels are well taken accounted and cared for by the reception services that your virtual office space usually comes together with. This is just another small to-do, but says a lot about your company and also helps improve your business’ efficiency in order to run your business smoothly.

6. Communication services – Renting a virtual office space for your business usually comes together with communication assistance and service. It is usually of live phone receptionists; call centers, answering services, voice mail and other communications options. Your business can also have its own email address and fax number.

7. Virtual Assistants – Office assistants are often available to provide you with contract work. These virtual assistants usually communicate through phone or electronically and deliver all their key tasks over the Internet.

8. Meeting rooms & Board Rooms – Most virtual office space and service providers offer boardrooms and meetings rooms’ rental. These business professional conducive rooms are usually available for rent by schedule, or and are usually offered in per hour rate.

9. Office space – Apart from the meeting rooms and boardrooms for rent, the virtual office space may also come along with temporary office space, depending of the inclusion of the package you going to be offered by your virtual office space and service provider.

10. Facilities – One of the many good things your virtual office space comes along with is great convenience. During cases where meeting rooms, or actual physical office space is not available, the amenities of the business center may stand as your work place as well. These are amenities like break rooms, business lounges, and VIP lounges- plus technologies like video conferencing equipment, reliable Internet connectivity, and parking. Usually, you cannot enjoy many of these amenities when you rent your own office space directly or buy your own office space. This is because you will have to create your office from scratch.

11. Human Resources Management – In comparison to having your independent office space to virtual office space, the employment relations and concerns are handled by your virtual office service provider. This saves you from the many headaches and long processes associated with employment relations and concerns. This also gives you a lot of time on your hand to focus more on the organization’s key needs and concerns.

Mar 09, 2016

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