5 Ways to Be Productive On Even At A Virtual Workplace

Hundreds of thousands of workers around the world have already started and are into working from home, and/or virtually today. The number is continuously on the rise, as virtual work has been found as cheaper for companies and more convenient for employees and their families.

There are many advantages to working virtually, it is fairly easy to list them all down, but there lies an underlying hurdle that doesn’t get to be tackled most of the time- that is, that working virtually without proper setup and processes in place, it is very easy to get distracted and workers tend to slack off especially if there are kids around, opened TV, radio playing, Kitchen and Refrigerators just 2 steps away.

Here are some ways you can try do to create your working environment a more focused and productive inducing workplace:

1. Expose yourself to sunlight.
One of the major influences on the comforts of your workspace is lighting. That is why if you notice, offices without windows tend to drain the workers working there than those who are more exposed to the sun. As much as possible, avoid fluorescent lighting as it is proven to cause drowsiness and eye strain. The best way to go is to have you exposed to natural lighting. You can work by work room’s window with your blinds opened half so you can have natural lighting coming in while you work productively.

2. Remove distractions.
Take away all possible distractions around your chosen workplace. As much as possible, choose a space or place where it is quiet — one without a TV, or one with a door that you can close for some privacy. Install software that effectively block distracting ads and websites so you can focus on the work you’re doing on your computer.

3. Consider your workplace’s room temperature.
Extreme temperatures can cause distractions and less productivity. An overly cold room can be distracting and can increase typographical errors. An overly cold room freezes the muscles and joints, making your fingers less flexible to type on the computer. On the other hand, an overly warm temperature can make a person sleepy and off the grid while working. The ideal temperature for productivity zone is at 25 degrees Celsius.

3. Choose proper colors.
Colors do great motivation spirits to a person. Colors green and blue encourages focus, relaxation, and efficiency.

4. Keep your workspace neat and simple.
Remove all clutter on your desk. Even simple extra decors you don’t actually need for work should be avoided as it may also cause distraction.

5. Stay well fed.
Keeping healthy snacks at your drawers can help boost productivity and energy the entire work duration. It is also time saving to keep yourself from going around to find snacks when it is already available at your hands’ reach.

However, working remotely also has its disadvantages and they can result to poor company image or lack of credibility for your company. It is still vital to have a professional business address for your company to establish your reputation especially if located in a prestigious CBD area and landmark office towers. Experts in this area include CEO SUITE that provides professional business addresses for use for your business as a Virtual Office Mail Starter product. If phone answering and mail handling may also be taken cared of by CEO SUITE for you including the use of Day Offices as and when needed. To know more about Virtual Offices, visit: www.ceosuite.com.

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Aug 04, 2016

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