5 things to consider when designing your office space

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Throughout the years, Thailand has proven to be blessed with their own pool of designer talents- making their country a famous and attractive destination not only for tourist, but also for businessmen and other international designers who are hungry and thirsty for experience. When you try and check out online, there are now numerous competitive design centres, especially in workplaces, architecture and hospitality design.

According to Office Concept’s Space Matrix feature, the growth of the Bangkok office has facilitated a move from the firm’s humble offices in the Zuellig building in Silom Road to a very prestigious location in the financial district- proving growth in design industry growth in workplaces and spaces.

If you are an entrepreneur based in Bangkok, or a large scale company eyeing to branch out in Asia, it is a good idea to branch out an office in Bangkok, Thailand. You can opt to go for the conventional office spaces if you have the time to allot for setting it up from bare. But if you are the type who prefers hassle-free, fast, reliable and premium office spaces for rent in Bangkok, there are many choices to choose from for serviced offices in Thailand. All you will have to do with is design your own office space to your own preference. However, the design of any workplace does not only rely on design for the sake of it. In today fast-changing workplace and work ways, managing principal at Washington, D.C.-based MulvannyG2 Architecture says that business owners should start learning to ask before just designing or refashioning on their own. Today’s workplace and work ways is all about being flexible.

Given that, here are a few things you may consider when designing your own office space in Bangkok, Thailand.

1. Embolden transparency and comradeship.
If you have been noticing nowadays, many companies are demolishing and getting rid of their office walls and cubicles. Some settle for glass dividers instead. This is to give way to providing more open spaces. More and more companies- whether small or large scale, have their top managers and executives sitting in open areas as well. A place where there is more legroom, or open spaces for people encourages team spirit and coordination, interactions and conversations among colleagues.

2. Allot a space for privacy.
While it is encouraged to have more open spaces in your office, it’s still important to provide spaces wherein employees and bosses can interact and work together on tasks that are intended to be confidential, or maybe use the private room for a few minutes of “focus mode”.

3. Know the right space size to give per employee.
It is evident in today’s business world how spaces given for employees shrink down. Gone are the days when employees get about 250 square feet for themselves. While today’s times show a shrink down from what businesses give before, it is also a good thing to have a “‘work from anyplace” mindset. With the rampant rise of population count, and big addition to the working force all over the world annually, may companies have started allowing work from home set up with their employees, and that their allotted office space may only be partially occupied at any given time.

4. Create a flexible office space.
This is one good investment to make when you already have your own office for your business. Making your office a flexible one saves you from reconstruction costs when the need arises. What you can do is invest in furniture that is movable, like desks, chairs, and pedestal drawers all with rollers. In this way, any future expansion or rearrangement that needs to be done can be done easily, conveniently and without cost.

5. Encourage socialization and relaxation.
Usually known places perfect for socialization and relaxation wherein you can work at the same time are coffee shops, cafes, and rustic pantries/cafeterias. Some businesses offer more than just a great interior designed workplace for their employees. Some businesses provide fitness rooms; play rooms, wellness rooms/clinics, etc., the way people work today is very far from tradition. People today tend to lean more on jobs and companies that offer not only a good pay alone, but also those that respects, and understands work-life-balance.

May 19, 2016

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