3 Most Important Things an Entrepreneur Should Have

It doesn’t matter what industry your business belongs in, or what kind of entrepreneur you are, every entrepreneur needs a few essential things to start and keep his business functioning and moving towards success. The things you will learn from here may come in different forms. Yes, in a world where everything is continuously changing and evolving, it is not new to know that the things you will read here may come and be availed of in different ways- the important thing is that they all serve integral roles and are imperative to every entrepreneur’s business.


Company registration entails just about one, or two things. For start-up businesses, it entails applying for several types of permits before your company can finally be registered and each permit may require standing on long queues and even days of waiting for the results. This may or may not be true for all countries but in extreme situations, this could really be the reality. Imagine the time and effort you need to invest to register your business and once done, renewing it thereafter may also take another grueling process.

Most businessmen have probably experienced all these company and permit application and renewal processes first hand in some countries and realized the lost time spent in the laborious journey. This vital concern on company registration has been addressed by smart business solutions’ providers like professional serviced office companies that extend end-to-end solutions to all types of enterprise.

However, only a select few like CEO SUITE, the finest serviced office provider in Asia, can provide efficient “company registration” services and business consulting services for start-up businesses or foreign companies seeking to establish their businesses in Asia. CEO SUITE Business Centres around the region offer comprehensive guidelines for company registration processes, and provides a step-by-step guide for business owners and executives in their respective local languages.

This type of service is great for entrepreneurs who may have little knowledge on the ABCs of forming a new company. It can also be a perfect solution for Small and Medium-Scale Enterprises (SMEs) who do not have enough personnel to take care of these permit applications and renewals every year. For large companies, although they have the resources to take care of these important matters, it is deemed practical for them to have this activity outsourced so as not to take time away from their operations and reduce risks of possible mistakes. Since these serviced office providers are the experts in these area for the specific countries where they operate in, they can be more reliable on this aspect.

Entering the business world means beyond just having a name for your business or your product/service and trying your best to sell them. It is important to create for your company its own identity as this opens your doors for more businesses. Having a professional and impressive business address plays a vital part of your identity. Your company stationery, your business cards, your advertisements, and your email signature would all contain your business address in them and it can immediately build that impression to your clients or business partners even without having a face to face interaction with them yet. It establishes your credibility as a business (not a “fly by night” company) as well as your overall corporate image as a professional organization to deal with (especially if you are situated in a professional business environment).

Having a business address in a prestige location, usually at the Central Business District, says a lot about your brand. This is where Virtual Offices come into play, where you get to enjoy the benefit of having a prestigious and strategic business address for your company for legal document use, business cards, website, emails, and/or advertisements; sometimes even with additional benefits like: mail handling, secretarial support, and even 3 to 5 days use of a day office, etc. Although it may seem that Virtual Offices can serve its purpose well for you at the start of any business, they are, in most cases, only temporary solutions to your business needs. With every business’ growth, comes growing business needs too. It is equally important to invest on your own exclusive physical office space (whether it is a private office or co-working space) one day when your business can already afford it, and especially when the need is immediate and important. Traditional offices and serviced offices have their own pros and cons to offer. If you are the type who don’t want to spend wasted time in putting up your own office space together, having serviced offices is the way to go.

It is true what they say, “NO MAN IS AN ISLAND”. As cliché as it may sound, that saying holds much truth up to this day. Moreover, it is applicable to every entrepreneurs’ business life. You may have done a lot on your own with your business, or probably still doing a lot up to this very moment by yourself. But coming above yourself pride and accepting you need help in the other aspects of your business is one key to success. Business support services are offered with impressive expertise.

If you are a businessman who need these 3 things, or just one of them, you may want to check out CEO SUITE. CEO SUITE offers premium serviced office spaces with state of the art facilities and complete business support services in prestigious and strategic locations available as and when you need them.

Jul 19, 2016

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