10 Tips on How to Engage Employees through Continuous Improvement

CEO SUITE Regional Human Resources Director, Ms. Jhen Miranda, enlightens us with valuable tips on how to improve engagement of employees in an organization through continuous improvement. Learn more from this article.

In today’s tough global marketplace, becoming a leader in your industry requires employee engagement, but you also need to take your team to the next level and beyond. In CEO SUITE, this is achieved by equipping team members with skills on continuous improvement.

Continuous improvement is the ability to make develop new skills though new learnings in order to progress in one’s career. The openness and eagerness to learn modern business processes and even new disciplines, and simultaneously applying them to the daily work routine must be part of an organization’s culture. Continuous improvement also encourages constant employee engagement – the business is growing, improving and learning, and all team members are part of this process every day.

The following shows “The CEO SUITE Way” in creating and promoting a culture of continuous improvement as a foundation to achieve effective employee engagement in the workplace.

1. Communicate Expectations.

Managers and team members should communicate expectations on a regular basis. Communication lines are open so that all parties can respond and ask for clarification if need be.

2. Manage Small Improvements.

Each team member must work together to initiate, monitor and promote small improvements on processes, programs and activities. Changing everything at once can cause confusion and frustration in the organization. Make one change at a time and make sure it sticks before making another change. Make it clear that the way things should be done is not static, but should improve continually.

3. Give Feedback.

Give employees feedback not just on yearend reviews, instead all throughout the year. This practice helps the employees know what they are doing best and the areas to improve further.

4. Unleash the Potential of your Employees.

The outstanding qualities and talents of your team members could provide the organization new ideas that could be innovative or useful to level up your services and products.

5. Celebrate Innovation.

Empower your employees and let them explore. You have to give your employees venue to experiment, to try and test their ideas. No one will take risks in the company if they feel there is lack of support and understanding. Innovation has a process, one that is flawed and has moments of glaring imperfection.

6. Promote a Creative Work Environment.

Allow your team members to have fun in the workplace. Sometimes, when the work environment is too serious and too strict, it can hinder creativity and continuous improvement. Having fun during work allows employees to be more relaxed yet productive and that is when they begin to be inspired and produce new and exceptional ideas. Needless to say, a stressful work environment doesn’t give one the frame of mind to think of doing things differently. The employee would only look forward to the end of the day.

7. Organize Continuous Improvement Teams

A more efficient way of encouraging continuous improvement in the workplace is to set up cross functional or continuous improvement teams. Each team will be tasked to come up with ideas how to enhance work processes.

8. Reward Improvements.

Encourage employees to think out-of-the-box by coming-up with enticing rewards if ideas will be feasible and implemented successfully. This will signal everyone that the organization values work improvement and creativity.

9. Every Employee Matters.

This is essential in building a culture of improvement. Every single team member who welcomes clients in the workplace, answers phone calls, cleans the offices – every single one matters and their work brings integrity to the company.

10. Diversity Among Employees.

An organization that has diverse team members may come together to produce more solutions. Every individual brings in their way of thinking, operating and solving problems and decision making.

Nurturing a culture of continuous improvement is a groundwork of employee engagement and favorably triggers growth and success as an organization. Having a high emotional quotient in people management, brings about positive changes in any organization – and that is why CEO SUITE has achieved customer service excellence throughout the years.

Aug 30, 2016

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