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What are the options for flexible short term office lease and small space commitment? Are there options for daily, weekly and monthly serviced office lease?

I need to set-up a new company in Asia. What is the quickest and most efficient way when I don’t speak any Asian language?

Is there a one-stop service provider who can assist with everything from company registration, tax and accounting procedures set-up, and finding a suitable working place?

Fully furnished Serviced Office. No initial investment.

CEO SUITE provides a range of fully equipped serviced offices in Asia, whether you need a private office space for one or a larger office requirement for 50 professionals. Get your money's worth when you rent a serviced office only when you need it. Each of our serviced office space comes with all the equipment that you need and can be rented on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis with no initial investment.
Transform our office space into your own innovation and creativity hub
We can set up an instant office for you in a matter of days. Our customizable serviced offices are designed so you can optimize the space to fit your business needs and inspire motivation among your staff.
Choose from different layout options:
  • Fully furnished and customizable
  • Open plan layout
  • Private managerial suites
  • Made-to-order arrangements designed to suit your business
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What is a Serviced Office?

Serviced offices, commonly known as managed offices, business centres, and executive suites, refer to an office or an office building offering fully-equipped office facilities and is managed by a service facility management company which allows businesses from start-ups to Small and Medium-Scale Enterprises, to large scale companies to rent office spaces suitable and customizable on their need. Naturally, a serviced office is set up to allow small to large office sizes to cater to as few as one person up to 20 persons in one room.

Do you need a serviced office?

Yes. This modern-day approach to office spaces provides a complete business solution, which have considerable appeal to small firms and start-ups. However, with serviced offices’ complete and equipped offices, most service provides also offer business support services that is considerably favorable for even large-scale companies. With minimal to no capital investment required in leasing an office space, businessmen can enjoy immediate access to fully furnished and well-equipped office facility without having to lose time and lose focus on the other and more important matter in their businesses.

Do I cut cost with getting a Serviced office compared to getting a traditional office space?

Comparing the cost you can cut with getting a serviced office from getting a traditional office differs. It really depends on a lot factors, such as location, building facilities, and amenities, inclusions of the rental, etc., Getting a traditional office space may be less expensive than serviced office but traditional office spaces mostly just include a bare space, and that’s it. Additional expenses you would have to consider with this are building dues, electricity, office space set-up, IT set-up, office furniture, telephone lines, office space interiors, etc., In a way, serviced office spaces are offered in a more expensive price because it includes all of these things already. Most of all, serviced office spaces buy you more time for your business. Thus, giving you the capacity to focus on the more important matters to keep your business running smoothly.
Our serviced offices are available in all of our business centres in the following cities:

• Jakarta• Bangkok• Bejing• Kuala Lumpur• Hanoi• Manila• Singapore• Seoul• Shanghai

Finer Quality Environment

One of the greatest advantages with CEO SUITE is the generous and lavish allocation of reception, business lounge, and rest areas that is unmatched in the industry. Plenty of natural lighting, choice of background music and elegant interiors are all subtle standard.

Networking Opportunities

It is not all work when you choose to work from CEO SUITE. With our knowledge sharing sessions, industry-related seminars, cocktail parties, outdoor recreational activities, opportunities are provided for you to get to know other blue-chip multinational firms, and to break the ice into the local communities.

Service Culture

We strive to provide excellent customer service to every client. Our professional staff are all trained for their roles, to listen, and also anticipate clients' needs.
Each centre has senior management on staff so that any issues can be promptly addressed.

Specialised Services

Most qualified professional secretary pool in the industryFrom first friendly impressions at the Reception to professional handling of the most demanding of secretarial services, each team member is trained to be familiar with your industry, your work preferences and to work like your very own employee.At a small fraction of your average monthly human resource overhead cost, you will have instant access to a highly professional, multi-lingual team of staff, majority of which graduated from reputable local & overseas universities.

Our range of services include:

Personalized bilingual phone answering Call forwarding service Domicile service Executive secretarial service Dedicated Personal Assistant Copy-writing and editing Desktop publishing service Airport pick-up service Copying, and printing service

Translation and interpretation service Local and international courier service Telemarketing service Stationeries and office supplies Travel arrangements Tax and accounting service Local banking service Event and seminar planning IT service

High-tech IT service that enables construction of a customised network
Whatever the nature of your business, we offer a complete range of flexible IT solutions to suit large and start-up organizations. Our qualified team of network specialists ensure you will have the solutions on-demand. Trouble-shooting time is also minimized with our qualified and trained IT team members located in-house. The network environment is regularly maintained and optimized for efficiencies.
Exclusive business lounge for VIPs Our spacious and elegant lounge provides a space for a moment of tranquility and relaxation. The aroma of freshly roasted coffee stimulates and entices your senses to help reduce stress and promote a rejuvenated day throughout. Zen Lounge, a fine luxurious hide away to revitalize your body Get away for a shut-eye at CEO SUITE’s exclusive Zen Lounge. Enjoy a refreshing shower on hot, summer days, or a massage after a long flight. Either way, it is a refreshing break at any time of the day.
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Professional Services

ONE STOP business service station for enhancing work efficiency

Financial Consulting Services

Provides services of opening of bank accounts, preparation of tax, VAT reports, financial statements, and audit services.


Assists with the recruitment of competent staff including monthly payroll management.


Assists with the establishment of liaison offices, representative offices, wholly-owned foreign investment companies, and joint-ventures.

Legal Advice

Provides you with sound advice on legal disputes that you may face in the course of business.


Start-up assistance, market research, work permit and alien registration service, visa extension and renewal, relocation service, education consultancy, interior design project management, and seminar organization.

Often, the most challenging part in the office set-up process is not the office itself. It is understanding the local business process, connecting you with the ideal partners, recruiting the right people, and being able to blend into the local culture. Conducting business with the locals are equally critical factors in the equation of success. As an entrepreneur, CEO SUITE understands each of these components better than others. As a specialist in Asia, CEO SUITE is equipped with the business network in each Asian community to be able to assist you in establishing your local presence. A trustworthy contact shall be made available to support any aspect of your required business process.
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