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Voyage from Korea… to Indonesia

Born and raised in South Korea, she was first tutored by her parents to always strive to give her best in everything she does. And many years since this invaluable lesson, Mee Kim is now successfully leading her instant-office business to be the best in Asia. But her business has not always been as big…

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CEO SUITE Emphasizes Both Flexibility and Quality

Today, serviced offices are not only popular among start-up companies but also among major corporations thanks to the flexibility of the rental terms these offices can offer. For CEO SUITE, a major serviced office operator, its popularity does not just come from its ability to provide a flexible rental term but more due to the…

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More Companies Turn to Serviced Offices

Serviced office companies remain optimistic about strong demand this year due to increased inquiries and new sign-ups, but are still refraining from expanding in Jakarta despite the encouraging signs. Indonesia’s political and economic situation is steadily improving after the successful presidential election last year, although international surveys still indicate that Indonesia is the most corrupt…

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The Who’s Who of Malaysia

Meekim, Founder/President, CEO SUITE An easy-going optimist who never takes ‘no’ for an answer, Mee Kim founded a company in the midst of one of the worst financial downturns is Asia. Born in Korea and educated in Seoul, New York and Sydney, she has held managerial positions in many urban cities in Asia, the United…

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People: Meekim, President, CEO SUITE

First encounter CEO SUITE occupies the entire 47th floor of the Hong Kong New World Tower, a building regarded as one of the most prestigious buildings in Shanghai. It is their fifth branch of a chain of other CEO SUITE centers located all across the major cities of Southeast Asia. And scheduled here for an…

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Keeping Clients Ahead With One-stop Solutions

CEO SUITE offers luxuriously furnished offices for rent on a short or long term basis as well as virtual office support. It’s the perfect cost-effective, one-stop solution for new businesses, project teams and companies looking to explore new markets and set up regional offices. All rented offices come customised with the company’s name, including an…

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Prestigious Small Office Spaces

Confidently, John Lee, 23, made arrangements to have the interview at his new Kuala Lumpur office along Jalan Ampang. Which suite? “Just come up to 36th floor. “For a few seconds, it was difficult to fathom that a guy not yet out of varsity was occupying the entire floor just providing translation services. It turned…

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Mee Kim: A Female Icon in Business

She is an attractive, young looking, trendy and successful woman. Mee Kim in her early 40’s is a living proof that you do not need to compromise your femininity to be successful in your career especially if you are in a business world monopolized by men! Mee Kim turned up for the interview looking sweet…

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Offices on the Run

AS THE ECONOMY PICKS UP AND THE ENTREPRENEURIAL BUG CATCHES ON, THE DEMAND FOR SERVICED OFFICES INCREASES Need a temporary office space to get your work done while jetting from one country to another? Or how about a fully-equipped boardroom to hold that all-important, deal-clinching meeting? Serviced offices might just be the answer to your…

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The Low Down On Setting Up

The most frustrating sight in Shanghai in 2004? Perhaps the sudden appearance of shuffling lines of people trying to get through immigration at Pudong airport. They haven’t come for the beaches : Shanghai has become the centre of focus for the beady eye of the world’s business people. But how to set-up, where to get…

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