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Seoul to Soul

CEO SUITE recently organized a Christmas dinner and charity event at the residence of Mee Kim, President Director of CEO SUITE in Pondok Indah, South Jakarta. The event featured an auction of the works of a Korean artist couple, the Shon In Shiks. All funds raised were to be forwarded to children foundations throughout Jakarta.…

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The Business of Instant Office

Despite steep fuel price hike, the weakening of the Rupiah and an increase in interest rates in year 2005, PT Colliers International Indonesia and PT Procon Indah remain hopeful that the commercial sector of the property market will see greater activities in 2006. And trusting a tried and tested recipe, most businesses remain unshaken in…

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Luxurious Office

When your business expansion plans take you into the global markets, setting up an office on foreign shores become inevitable. CEO SUITE with their centres in Beijing, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Jakarta to cater for instant office set-up ensures effective & efficient penetration into these big cities in Asia. In addition, CEO SUITE provides…

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Instant Office for Business Solution

It is easy for an established company to own a spacious office at a strategic location with the most modern facilities. However, it is not as easy for a new set-up company even if they are supported by a large organization. But the new trend is this : instant office or the virtual office support.…

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Beijing Office Search

Renting an office for one person, for one hour? No more troubles office hunting The Asian business is hot. A key base is what is must for Western companies expanding to the Asian market, or the ever-itinerant businessmen. Finding a suitable office space and furnishing it in an alien land, however, can be by no…

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Instant Offices: Today’s Business Solution

To an established company there is nothing extraordinary about having a representative office that is strategically located and equipped with sophisticated facilities. But for a new operating company or set-up, this may just be a goal to be working towards. Today however, the instant-office solution resolves this dilemma for companies big or small, established or…

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The Serviced Office Advantage

They’re not the places for try-luck companies. Indeed, they’re where more and more established firms want to be The serviced office market is developing into an integral part of both the real estate as well as the corporate worlds, especially in developed nations, thanks largely to the “one-stop” concept it offers, which has given it…

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A Jet-setter in Sweet Ventures

Having completed her MBA, Korean-born Ms. Mee Kim joined an Australian company in Sydney. After receiving training and working there for 7 years, she finally gathered the courage to venture forth and start her first business centre in Jakarta. Although she has been in the industry for over 15 years, Ms. Mee Kim is far…

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Virtual Office

Going to work? Have you considered alternatives other than a physical office within a building? Ever considered the kind of flexibility a virtual office presents to mobile business owners? Just as the world-wide-web and internet technology have changed the working order of the business world, the concept of a virtual office has in many ways…

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Total Control

WHEN SOUTH KOREAN Mee Kim decided to start her own business offering temporary office and clerical support to companies in Jakarta in 1997, she had no idea she would soon be facing revolution on the streets as financial and political crisis swept Indonesia, and potential customers fled the country in droves. “(Jakarta) was one of…

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