CEO SUITE: Combining Luxury and Comfort with True Human Touch

Locating the right serviced office in Jakarta may seem easy and simple with the existence and options of several serviced-office providers in the city, but finding the right provider requires an extra effort since such a provider not only should offer conducive office facilities, but more importantly high-skilled and supportive management staffs as one vital asset in order to deliver an excellent service.

In addition, a good serviced office provider should also put together a wide range of supporting facility and services for the convenience of its customers; from secretarial staffs, information technology specialist and fully equipped meeting rooms to high-speed data system and communication networks.

Joseph Ranieri, the founder and managing director of 101 Capital Limited, confidently admitted that as a fast-growing serviced office provider, CEO SUITE has met all such requirements. For him, CEO SUITE is not just a partner but also a solution provider.

“We are very satisfied with our decision to ‘partner’ with CEO SUITE as they continuously and tirelessly support us in many ways. CEO SUITE has maintained a stable core staffing group who are well trained and conscientious in their jobs,” says Ranieri, who runs a new and rapidly expanding merchant and investment banking business.

Under the leadership of its Korean-born founder Mee Kim, CEO SUITE has since its initial opening in 1997 expanded its influences to many other cities in Asia including Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Shanghai. The company will soon open another branch in Beijing.

Operating out of two prestigious locations in Jakarta’s Central Business District (CBD) – the Jakarta Stock Exchange building and Wisma GKBI on Jl. Sudirman — CEO SUITE has proven to have provided high-standard services and created a comfort zone for all its clients.

“Compared to other serviced-offices, there is clearly no comparison in terms of quality and service at CEO SUITE. The administrative support is truly excellent, and this means a lot to me. The CEO staff consistently performs a top-notch job when we ask them to take care of something for us, and they also complete the task in a timely way,” says Michael Hammes, FSVC’s regional director.

The excellent service-quality may have been a result of their founder’s foresight, knowing that comforts and luxuries as provided by the “hardware” are always readily available, Mee Kim thus competes on services packaged with a real human touch and dedicated focus on top-class customer attention, and service.

That is why, apart from the constant upkeep of its beautiful decor – which comprises a comfortable and conducive business environment for clients – for years, CEO SUITE has also been working on a program that may be less tangible, but by no means, less valuable, namely developing its human resources or “software”.

The strong focus on developing the company’s human software has certainly reaped its value today. Kevin Rolens, the manager of Anadarko Indonesia Company, rates CEO SUITE as the best provider of completely serviced office space in the country.

“The ability to price their services as needed gives us a cost advantage to putting dedicated services in place. Besides, having easy access to the CEO SUITE management to discuss and resolve any issue before it becomes a problem allows us to focus more of our time on our primary business, rather than administrative oversights,” says Rolens.

The consistency and high quality services that CEO SUITE carries out have even encouraged satisfied clients not to seek out other serviced office providers when they have to move or expand their business to other countries.

Percy Chin, the managing director of Warner Bros., Inc. comments, “If we were to choose a China headquarter in the future, this is where I would locate my office. Besides, there are many services that CEO SUITE has excelled itself in, the staff is of excellent quality, and they are always willing to go the extra mile to make things happen!”
Being appreciative of CEO management’s attention to detail in striving for excellent services, Chin adds that having chosen CEO SUITE as the location of his office is “like you are working on your home turf.”

Apr 26, 2013

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