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CEO SUITE – On Track from Shanghai to Beijing 2005

As fast-moving as a race-car on the Formula 1 race track, CEO SUITE has recently confirmed on the opening of its sixth center in China’s capital city of Beijing by June next year. Indeed fast on track considering that it has only been 12 months since the Group’s first entry into China. As the leading…

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The Making of a Manager …. at CEO SUITE

My initial impression was a tough façade, but as I look into her sharp eyes, it was something else that attracts me to her. And when she relates about her childhood, and her journey through life’s obstacles, I was instantly filled with admiration for her instantly. Born in Jakarta 29 years ago, Ria Alkatiri, the…

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Targeting an International Image

CEO SUITE, a chain of business centers in Asia has recently caused a ripple in the serviced office industry with the opening of its sixth center in Beijing, China, just 8 years into operation. Owned and founded by Mee Kim, a Korean who married an Indonesian Chinese and has now found a home in Jakarta,…

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Works of a SuperGirl?

Her key to success may lie in her enormous courage to reach out far and wide, peppered with great determination to overcome distance, culture and language barriers. Her achievements today include a CEO SUITE, home-grown, but with international clients in cosmopolitan cities of Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Shanghai. If anyone is blessed enough to be…

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Made-To-Order Offices

Running business centers across East Asia requires tremendous flexibility because clients in different countries appear to want entirely different services. Within hours of a car bomb exploding outside the Australian embassy in Jakarta on September 9, Mee Kim was getting calls from harried executives. While the explosion had done little serious damage to the reinforced…

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The Best Woman for the Job

CEO SUITE’s President Mee Kim may seem like a Korean porcelain doll in a power suit, but she is anything but. “The company I used to work for was actually quite sexist. I used to say to my colleagues that when we finally open our own business, we should only hire women,” Mee Kim admits…

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Virtual Office : Instant service to instant demands

The “virtual” office is almost the most creative product innovation as an efficient and economical mode of business operation in today’s office rental market, where expectations and demands are constantly geared towards maximum benefits, and minimal costs. It remains amusing to me as I recall an appointment made with me with a well-known local financial…

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CEO SUITE: Combining Luxury and Comfort with True Human Touch

Locating the right serviced office in Jakarta may seem easy and simple with the existence and options of several serviced-office providers in the city, but finding the right provider requires an extra effort since such a provider not only should offer conducive office facilities, but more importantly high-skilled and supportive management staffs as one vital…

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Winning Customers with Quality Services

Developing excellent service that gives customers real peace of mind is a big challenge for a highly competitive business, and as such a marketing approach may be counterproductive. For example, when a company launches an innovative package of services – the first reaction often comes from its competitors (not its customers), which almost always respond…

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