Virtual Office : Instant service to instant demands

The “virtual” office is almost the most creative product innovation as an efficient and economical mode of business operation in today’s office rental market, where expectations and demands are constantly geared towards maximum benefits, and minimal costs.

It remains amusing to me as I recall an appointment made with me with a well-known local financial guru, who invited me to meet at his office building located in the posh Sudirman area, and yet would stop short of the appointment at the café at the lobby level.

For whatever reasons, it was clearly not within his intention to show-off his office space in that modern building. It takes thus little imagination for one to guess that he might just be one of the more savvy businessmen who has subscribed to the “virtual” office concept now gaining such popularity, where businesses are just as well supported, without the conventional requirement of staff employment, and physical office space.

And just as Paris sets the trends and standards for today’s fashion world, the “virtual office” provides an alternative for today’s businessmen whose business lifestyles are more jet-set, less office bound, more marketing savvy, and much less admin-savvy! Like a dream come true, at minimal subscription fees, the virtual office provides an efficient, yet economical business solution (with the provision of a business correspondence address, and telephone answering support) often in a prestigious building with international standard office support facilities.

“In our business, we have come across free-lancers, and many experts in the financial, marketing and management fields who need no convincing about this “free-and-unrestrictive” mode of business operation as the “virtual” option,” explains Nuke Yudaningrat, one of the managers at CEO SUITE, an established provider of such instant solutions in the Asian region.

“These local and international experts who have used the services at CEO SUITE include Safir Senduk, a financial-planner, Rheinald Kasali, and Hermawan Kartajaya, with expertise in the field of management and marketing respectively, … “and we have established good working orders with them to provide enough office administrative support for them to focus solely on what they do best in their field of expertise,” acknowledges Nuke.

CEO SUITE in Jakarta today operates two centers in the prestigious buildings at Wisma GKBI and the Jakarta Stock Exchange building in the Sudirman area. Flexible lease terms start from hourly basis. In addition, the center provides office facilities such as ISDN / LAN connections, unified messaging system, high speed internet, teleconference / video conference equipment, and meeting room / boardroom rental.

Apr 26, 2013

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