Winning Customers with Quality Services

Developing excellent service that gives customers real peace of mind is a big challenge for a highly competitive business, and as such a marketing approach may be counterproductive. For example, when a company launches an innovative package of services – the first reaction often comes from its competitors (not its customers), which almost always respond by providing a similar package.

In the serviced-office sector, while other serviced office providers merely send their clients to recommended outsourcing companies, CEO SUITE is proud of its comprehensive service to all its clients.

Providing a significant range of consultation services, President Mee Kim was quick to establish, “I don’t position CEO SUITE as serviced-office company, but more as a service company, because we don’t limit our services to offices. For a new U.S. company on foreign soil, we will be able to help them with the securing of working permits, head-hunting or recruitment procedures, travel arrangements and/or residential searches,” she said.

In providing fully-furnished offices with the support of high-calibre and qualified secretarial staff, CEO SUITE is one of the most logical choices for those who do not require a fully-staffed office in Jakarta.

In a competitive business environment, companies always try hard to provide the best services to customers or clients. However, as competitors are always ready to narrow the gap, the disturbing question is whether they have not entered into a stalemate of competition.

At this point, the world of Chinese philosopher Sun Tzu – who is widely known for his Art of War and its applicability to business strategies, is worth remembering – “He who knows when to enter into the battle and when not to will win.

Apr 26, 2013

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