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A CEO SUITE in every part of China

CEO SUITE was first established in January 1997, now with 5 centers located in 4 countries in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and Shanghai. Clients include over 1000 worldwide companies. CEO SUITE provides a one-stop business solution to companies which require operational support and technological solutions without the incurrence of any major capital investment and/or long…

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Office Suites

CEO SUITE is the Region’s Finest Serviced Office provider with its impressive office suites that come in many shapes and sizes, for the one-man office to the ubiquitously large office, providing spectacular views. Starting with the Jakarta Stock Exchange Building in 1997, CEO SUITE has since expanded its location to other prestigious buildings in Jakarta,…

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The Business of Flexibility

After years of being an employee, May Leong is finally going it alone by starting her own consultancy business. Although she is not particularly picky over where her business is located, her limited finances means renting an office, furnishing it and hiring staff is out of the question. Meanwhile a telecommunications company in Europe is…

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CEO SUITE opens their fifth center in Shanghai, China

CEO SUITE opens its fifth centre in Asia this November, its first centre in China, and while the Management already has its eyes set on the other developing cities in this nation of 1.2 billion inhabitants, the first CEO SUITE in China is etched in history to be sitting in the country’s most advanced city,…

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CEO SUITE : Grand Opening of its FIRST BRANCH in China

With a hefty investment of US two million dollars – CEO SUITE established its first branch in China on Huaihai Zhong Road, at Hong Kong New World Tower in Shanghai yesterday. This is their latest addition to the other 4 centers located in 3 countries, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta, with a clientele base of…

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A Feng Shui-ed CEO SUITE

While business centres offering instant offices are common, CEO SUITE is possibly the only chain that hires a Hong Kong feng-shui expert to ensure a stream of positive Chi energy permeates the entire 36th floor of Menara Maxis! MEE KIM, the CEO of CEO SUITE explains to KEE HUA CHEE why the decor of each…

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Tailored Suites

SERVICED OFFICES FIT IN THE SAME NICHE AS SERVICED APARTMENTS AND MAY EVEN BE MORE IMPORTANT TO PEOPLE WHO SPEND MORE TIME AT WORK THAN AT HOME …. CEO SUITE sets another milestone in the industry by not only providing business executives globally with mere office space but goes the extra miles to help them…

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CEO SUITE: Solutions Tailored to Suit You

Innovation and creativity are the offsprings of necessity, and few know it better than players in the serviced office industry. It is a competitive market out there, and the team at CEO SUITE understands that far better than anyone else – they know they must stand-out distinctive to stay ahead. COMPLETE SERVICE: CEO SUITE clearly…

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Instant Office, Virtual Office, Future Office

In this 21st century where everything is expected to be “instant and practical”, such terms have also become considerations when you are looking for an office space. Just like opening a pop-up card! Time, energy and money saving. Is this really a true idea of future office going to be? Marina, 29, with some of…

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CEO SUITE – Serviced Office

There are a great many providers of serviced office space in this region – over 30 in Singapore and Hong Kong strikes the century mark. And all business professionals understand the benefits of using serviced offices, so how is anyone – the small business person (typically, but not always) – supposed to choose between the…

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