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Will wonders never cease? You’ve heard of hi-tech gadgets, sophisticated state-of-the-art technology transfers and even international class serviced apartments. Now, make way for CEO SUITE. Your all-in-one international, fully furnished, contemporary instant “sign up today, move in tomorrow” office of the future. Yvonne Yoong investigates.

IMAGINE THIS: AN INTERNATIONAL OFFICE set-up at KL’s most prestigious and coveted business address offering a breathtaking bird’s eye view of the city complete with advanced technology backing its system of operations.

From personalised answering services, PABX and voice mail, a unified messaging system, broadband internet access which enables you to retrieve faxes or voice mail messages online, cable network infrastructure for quick set-ups, video conferencing and full ISDN, LAN and local area network capabilities, just name it. You’ve got the entire network working in your favour whenever you choose to rent one of these Suites.

Not to mention company establishment, bookkeeping, accounting services, company secretary, recruitment, interior designing and even project management. Other facilities include an immediate access to colour laser printers, scanners and high-speed photocopy machines.

A central kitchen area points you to the additional facilities provided as part of the package. A caffeine lover’s dream come true: Just check out the never ending supply of coffee and tea available on the house. Also, bask in the knowledge that you will forever do away with the hassle of having to clean up after having your favourite cuppa. After all, you’ll have the services of professional cleaners at your disposal too, all at no extra charge.

Established in Kuala Lumpur since June 2001, CEO SUITE is undeniably one of the leading serviced office providers and a hot favourite with a growing number of faithful tenants who see huge potential in the services offered by its set-up.

The set-up in Kuala Lumpur banks on the highly lucrative Menara Maxis landmark, strategically located within the golden triangle region of the city centre. What’s more, a state-of-the-art security system is in full operation 24 hours round the clock. In fact, another one of the reasons why it is so highly popular lies in the fact that everything revolves around the tenant’s requirements and business needs. Just state your business case, and everything, from the office space, size to phone lines, internet connection and office furniture will be specially tailored to meet the client’s requirements.

Tenants here have the luxury and flexibility in deciding the size and rate of their office space. For instance, they can opt to choose from either a one-man office to the more spacious arrangement to accommodate say, a 20-man organisation chart. The convenience and innovative measures of helping your business grow with you is plausible: Choose to expand or even downsize the office space according to your business needs. Ultimately, it’s a savvy entrepreneur’s dream come true. Clients are also not restricted to conduct business within the normal confines of a business day. If need be, and if the tenant wishes to, they can literally work around the clock.

The classy ambience embracing you the moment you step into CEO SUITE will leave you completely mesmerised. Tasteful music softly played in the background adds a touch of subtle finesse to the surroundings. Contemporary furnishings speak about impeccable taste. What more could you ask for in an office to help you create the right impression for your business?

CEO SUITE’s outstanding fleet of hi-tech support also offers you total peace of mind whenever you choose to travel abroad. You can certainly rely on CEO SUITE to receive and forward your mail or call directly to you, no matter where you happen to be traveling, anywhere in the world. There’s more, would you believe it? The good news is that even the impressive boardroom offering an awesome panoramic view of the city is available for you to present your business proposition to impress clients. The great news is that you can choose to rent the boardroom on either an hourly, daily, monthly or yearly basis. Offices here also operate on the same module.

In fact, CEO SUITE exemplifies a courageous new breed of entrepreneurs who are capable of “thinking-outside-the-box”. Savvy tenants here are indeed thrilled over the concept of having state-of-the-art equipment at their disposal minus the burden and cost of ownership or constant upgrading. A good impression, after all, sells. Who should know better than Mee Kim, president of CEO SUITE and mastermind of this brilliant concept in serviced offices. Tracing the history of this growing success story, she relates how the first centre was started in Jakarta five years ago. This venture proved so successful that when the opportunity to expand presented itself with the opening of a second centre in Jakarta, she knew that they had a success formula in hand.

Soon, the golden doors of opportunity opened in Kuala Lumpur followed by Singapore in March 2002. Other partnerships with serviced offices in the USA and Hong Kong have also worked out equally well. The wisdom in an office in CEO SUITE lies in the sharing of “common facilities” with other business set-ups that have similar needs to your organisation. Besides meeting all your business needs, the plush image of a highly professional set-up does work wonders.

Perfect for those entrepreneurs seeking heavenly corporate comforts at prices that don’t cost them the earth to start with. In fact, satisfied tenants testify to the plus point of having no start-up cost to invest in space; hence helping them save tremendously and allowing them more financial leeway to manoeuvre their business with.

A passing remark was overheard as I made my way out of CEO SUITE. An existing tenant, deep in conversation with a business client was heard extolling the virtues of his new office space. His comment to an intrigued listener regarding CEO SUITE’s range of services? “Fantastic. We have yet to be disappointed.

CEO SUITE is managed by industry experts with a decade’s worth of impressive global experience. To date, CEO SUITE operates a wide network of offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. There also exist affiliates in countries such as the US, Australia and Korea.

Apr 26, 2013

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