Quick Office Solutions

Apr 26, 2013

At least 31% of visitors to Singapore every month are here for business purposes. If you’re one of this significant number, you might be looking for some short term...

Business Meeting is Becoming Informal

Apr 26, 2013

Perhaps, it is no longer necessary to hold internal meetings within a company or even with business partners in a large and intimidating conference room, attended by several executives....

Suite Success

Apr 26, 2013

Setting up your own business can be both an exciting and stressful experience. There are a million and one things that need your attention. At the top of any...

Setting up Your Business

Apr 26, 2013

Many of us dream of owning our own business someday, but actually doing so is another matter entirely, which is why it’s important to go about it the right...

CEO SUITE opens another centre in Singapore

Apr 26, 2013

Following the success in Kuala Lumpur, CEO SUITE recently established a new centre in Singapore. It occupies 1800m2 on the 37th floor of the Land Tower in Raffles Place,...

Operator? Get Me The World

Apr 26, 2013

SMEs no longer simply worry about whose IDD rates are the best. They now demand better service, bigger bandwidth, and telecom providers with global links, to support regional expansion....

Instant Office Phenomenon for Executives

Apr 26, 2013

Life in the instant world has become a usual phenomenon in society. Not just food, even an office is available instantly. Traditional office space usually requires a one- year...

CEO SUITE Opens in Singapore

Apr 26, 2013

After successfully expanding its business to Malaysia, CEO SUITE has opened its fourth centre in Singapore on the 37th Floor of Singapore Land Tower, Raffles Place. One of the...

CEO SUITE Expands to Singapore

Apr 26, 2013

CEO SUITE, an International serviced office provider company, will open a new center in Singapore at the beginning of year 2002. The opening is one part of its strategic...

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