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A breakthrough as an instant office operator, Mee Kim’s success recipe for CEO SUITE lies in a unique concoction of her comprehension of local culture and an insatiable passion for her work. In all the locations, Mee Kim is ready to pamper her clients through a comprehensive one-stop service station and the support of advanced technology in telecommunications.

Directly or indirectly, the recent SARS scare has influenced the way businesses are conducted around the world, though no economy has been spared, the damage is however more focused in economies in Asia. Business travels around the world have been limited as companies set restrictions for limited or no travel for health reasons. But as we all know it, the competitive business world waits and stops for no one.

Meetings and conferences are inevitable for ideas to be conveyed, negotiations to be conducted, and deals to be cut. Where travels are not possible, CEO SUITE has been in the limelight lately with its re-introduction of the ideal solution for tricky travel situations through video-conferencing facilities that enable executives to “meet” via a state-of-the-art equipment. Through a large screen, meetings and presentations are made possible once again with executives “meeting” with third parties who might well be sitting on the other corner of earth, but it would be as if they were in the same room. It is a travel-constraint, not!

Though not an entirely new concept, the re-invention of a video-conferencing package by CEO SUITE ensures that full benefits are offered to clients in hard times such as today’s; a solution that is not only practical, but timely too! Using Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), and other services provided for by Indosat, CEO SUITE is enabled and faithfully supported to present its clients with a huge variety of many other IT services necessitated in this millennium. It is a wonder that planning has been so detailed such that plain office space is made that much more viable and attractive with peripheral supporting services and advanced technological systems!

The success story of CEO SUITE begins as far back as 1997 in Indonesia, a time when the entire Asian region was in the doldrums faced with regional financial crises. Local and foreign businesses alike collapsed, all wilting under the pressures of a regional economic downturn. But the bleak situations around did not deter one businesswoman from proceeding with what she has conceptualized in her mind to be a “hit business”. Mee Kim, born in Seoul, Korea, forged the storm ahead with the then unique business in Indonesia, the concept of a “Serviced Office”, or more popularly known as “Instant Offices”. Under the flagship of CEO SUITE, its practical and “serviced” office concept proved to be overwhelmingly popular, and presented an unprecedented stiff competition to traditional office space. The rest, as we all know, is history!

CEO SUITE today has gained its Asian foothold with 3 more fully-owned centres in Singapore and Malaysia in a span of 5 years. Providing fully-furnished office space equipped with comprehensive and professional secretarial services, “at CEO SUITE, you can start your business right away, all the supporting facilities, such as fine furniture, telephone sets, fax, copy machines, printers and staff support are all within convenient reach” explained Mee Kim, the President of CEO SUITE to Rusli M Tang from Indonesia Corp. To further strengthen its business positioning, CEO SUITE has added over 150 affiliates in the Americas, Europe, Australia and Asia to ensure international access for all its clients.

Mee Kim’s successful career path could not have been established without her deep comprehension of the workings of the serviced office business. As the saying goes, there is no substitute for hard work. Before she launched CEO SUITE, she has had 8 challenging years, and a wide-range of training in the opening and management of serviced-offices in Australia and Asia at large. Her lifetime aim revolves around a sole focus to satisfy clients’ needs and requirements, above all else. Elaborating further on another component of its service, the Virtual Office, Mee Kim confidently states : “we have many clients using our virtual office services in Singapore and Malaysia. It is not a requirement for them to travel or be stationed there to have a business presence in those cities. We have a professional team who would be more than happy to accommodate all the requirements from our clients.”
CEO SUITE offers flexible rates and provides office space and/or workstations within desired periods, on hourly, daily, monthly or even yearly basis. Attractive rates start from USD20 to USD45 per week for a virtual office, and USD200 to USD400 per week for an executive office suite.

CEO SUITE currently has a clientele of 500 regionally with many multinationals such as ExxonMobil, Dell, WorldCom, Coca Cola and ANZ under its roofs. CEO SUITE in its offices in Jakarta, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur cater to house a total of 150 executive suites of various sizes.

With all the infrastructure of excellent supporting facilities, Mee Kim hopes to assist business executives and entrepreneurs to set and run their businesses at high levels of efficiency and optimum; especially when a decision can help make or break a business in current economic conditions. And despite all the adverse publicity in and of this region, Mee Kim’s enthusiasm cannot be diminished – she holds on strong to her principle and conviction to establish and build her business networks in and around Asia.

Apr 26, 2013

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