CEO SUITE Foundation Launch

CEO SUITE arranged its year-end cocktail on Wednesday, 27 November 2002, which also marked the official launch of CEO SUITE FOUNDATION, set up to enhance the quality of live for underprivileged children by providing financial, humanitarian, and other voluntary aid.

The evening included a charity auction hosted by Sam Jones, the Hollywood star who played “Flash Gordon” in the movie of the same name.
The auction resulted in the collection of Rp 64 million, which will be used to contribute towards providing the facilities, training and resources necessary to help children grow up with mental, physical, and spiritual values required to assure a happy and well-developed life.

CEO SUITE is an international instant office provider, which aims to have integrated service standard with a worldwide business network offering every office solution and state of the art technology with total flexibility. CEO SUITE has grown 40 % each year since opened in 1997 during the worst of the economic crisis and plans to continue expanding into every major capital city in Asia.

For further information, visit www.ceosuite.com or contact (6221)5799 8000.

Apr 26, 2013

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