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Setting up your own business can be both an exciting and stressful experience. There are a million and one things that need your attention. At the top of any budding entrepreneur’s list of Things To Do is finding an office. Many Single Operator Home Offices (SOHOs) work out of the family home. Whilst this has many advantages, especially for working mums and those without a lot of spare capital, working from home also poses its fair share of problems, not least of which it’s not always ideal to be hosting client meetings with little Johnny running around screaming for attention. Getting to meetings is also often a problem especially if you don’t live conveniently close to the CBD.

So here’s the quandary. The nature of your business may mean that it’s not practical to work out of your home. But with your business just starting out, you don’t want to be lumbered with heavy rental overheads including the essential peripherals like printers, telephone and fax lines, desks and receptionist. Yet, these are essential if you want to create the right impression. So, what’s the solution ?

Serviced offices are the concept du jour amongst savvy entrepreneurs. These offices offer a one-stop solution to most (not all !) of your start-up problems. Typically, serviced offices provides multiple telephone and fax lines, tastefully furnished offices, internet access complete with a customer support team. For a free, you have access to all this facilities that you are share with other businesses. There is no lease to sign up. You use the serviced offices for as long as you need to. It’s exactly like going to a gym – all the state of the art equipment is there at your disposal that you can use but without the burden of ownership or constant upgrading.

One of the leading serviced offices in Singapore is CEO SUITE. Since bursting onto the scene in 1997, the company’s instant office solutions have enabled budding businesses to set up an office in literally minutes. Setting itself firmly apart from other business centers that tend to be slightly more rigid in their packages, CEO SUITE offers a tailored office space solution. Say goodbye to inflexible leasing terms: offices can be rented on a needs-basis ranging from hourly basis to daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. What’s more, the offices are run by industry experts with decade of global experience under their belts. To date, CEO SUITE has offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur.

In Singapore, CEO SUITE is located at the heart of the Raffles Place CBD at Singapore Land Tower. Besides offering a practical solution to the problem of office space (which can accommodate up to 50 people and surprisingly includes café, Cyber-Lounge, 24-hr CCTV monitoring and underground car-parking), CEO SUITES’ fleet of hi-tech support is impressive ranging from an advanced telecommunications system that allows you to receive your calls and message from any location (a receptionist will divert call as you instruct) to snappy Unified Messaging System which enables clients to retrieve faxes or voice mail messages on-line. Furthermore, all clients have immediate access to color laser printers, scanners, high-speed photocopy machines, cable network infrastructure, ISDN and LAN and video teleconferencing.

Our advice, check into CEO SUITE. They could very well hold the solutions to your office space problems.

Apr 26, 2013

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