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Suite Yourself

Will wonders never cease? You’ve heard of hi-tech gadgets, sophisticated state-of-the-art technology transfers and even international class serviced apartments. Now, make way for CEO SUITE. Your all-in-one international, fully furnished, contemporary instant “sign up today, move in tomorrow” office of the future. Yvonne Yoong investigates. IMAGINE THIS: AN INTERNATIONAL OFFICE set-up at KL’s most prestigious…

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Virtual, temporary or flexible offices

With more entrepreneurs in Singapore setting up small offices, or running their businesses from home, there is a growing need for non-traditional office operations and solutions. Some people just need a quiet place to work for an hour. Some require a temporary location from which to start up a business. Others may need a fully…

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Ms Mee Kim, President of CEO SUITE, is also the founder of the region’s finest serviced office. Educated in Seoul, New York and Sydney, she has worked in Asia’s leading urban cities, the USA and Australia. With her 13 years of extensive cross-cultural experience in the serviced office industry, Mee Kim started CEO SUITE to…

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CEO SUITE, Cost-effective Office Solution!

Want to save on office rental costs? Serious about saving time to manage your own staff? Need a more flexible lease, such as weekly or monthly? Concerned over security during this time? If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, then visit CEO SUITE, one of the region’s finest serviced office provider.…

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CEO SUITE Foundation Launch

CEO SUITE arranged its year-end cocktail on Wednesday, 27 November 2002, which also marked the official launch of CEO SUITE FOUNDATION, set up to enhance the quality of live for underprivileged children by providing financial, humanitarian, and other voluntary aid. The evening included a charity auction hosted by Sam Jones, the Hollywood star who played…

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Office With a View

It’s not everyday that you get find out so much about an industry that is effectively hidden, and yet provides a valuable service to many businesses worldwide. By Walter Spivak What’s a serviced office? Imagine that you wish to start a business, and yet don’t have the capital outlay to open up a full fledged…

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Optimism Still in Place for Property Sector

The recent bomb attack in Bali may have spread pessimism over the prospect of the national economy, but in the property sector, however, such negative concern was nowhere to be evidenced by the huge public demand for 1,724 units of assets offered by the Indonesian Bank Reconstruction Agency (IBRA) who is launching a Property Asset…

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At Your Service

Serviced offices are seeing resurgence as economic uncertainty and the government’s entrepreneurship drive push companies into temporary homes, says WALLACE CHU. Serviced offices, sometimes referred to as business centers, have become increasingly popular over the last decade. In Singapore, serviced offices are recognized as representing innovative and cost-effective solutions for specific office needs. With the…

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Quick Office Solutions

At least 31% of visitors to Singapore every month are here for business purposes. If you’re one of this significant number, you might be looking for some short term office solutions to get you through your stay. This is where CEO SUITE can help you out. Whether you need a quiet place to work for…

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Business Meeting is Becoming Informal

Perhaps, it is no longer necessary to hold internal meetings within a company or even with business partners in a large and intimidating conference room, attended by several executives. A management expert said, these type of meetings are conservative, non cost effective and do not project a true reflection of a global image of the…

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