Setting up Your Business

Many of us dream of owning our own business someday, but actually doing so is another matter entirely, which is why it’s important to go about it the right way.

Take 24-year-old Ima, for example. She recently graduated from college and together with some friends planned to establish an advertising agency. In order to do this there were a number of factors to be taken into consideration. She had venture capital to raise, office space to rent, equipment to purchase, and receptionists, office staff, and security guards to hire. All this in addition to the basic operating costs to be absorbed.

Although Ima’s house was big enough to partially convert into an office, it’s location was not ideal and were she to set up shop at home the constant commuting to town to meet clients would be a considerable waste of time and cause Ima and her colleagues a great deal of undue stress.

Ima’s predicament is familiar to anyone who has ever tried to strike out on their own, which is why the Instant Office is in this day and age gaining popularity with entrepreneurs and business people from around the world.

An Instant Office, a.k.a Serviced Office, is exactly what its name denotes: a professional office equipped with modern facilities and amenities that can be opened in a matter of minutes with minimal capital expenditure.

CEO SUITE is a leading provider of such Instant Offices servicing hundreds of clients in prime locations in Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore. Cosmo caught up with Ms. Dina Salem the Business Development Manager for CEO SUITE to ask her to describe in greater detail the services and benefits that her clients receive. This is what she had to say:
“Facilitating business is the primary mission of the instant office provider. Within minutes of becoming a client of ours, a tastefully furnished and professionally serviced office is yours to call your own. This is why we call them instant offices, because they are ready for use immediately.”

“Our offices have it all: multiple telephone and facsimile lines, broadband Internet access, modern office furniture, well-equipped board rooms, secretaries, receptionists, office staff, and even gourmet coffee to go.”

“With our flexible leases a client can hire an office for as long as they wish. At CEO SUITE, offices can be rented on an hourly, daily, weekly, quarterly, semi-annually or yearly basis. This helps to minimize excessive property expenditures. By registering with CEO SUITE, you can choose to be situated in one of several strategic locations without having to worry about the exorbitant rental costs and demanding lease terms that are typical of downtown office buildings.”

“CEO SUITE furnishes its clients with all the high-tech equipment and facilities required to run a business in this era of technology. Our advanced telecommunications system allows you to receive your calls and messages from any location, as after our receptionist answers a call in your company’s name, she can either divert it to your office, home or cellular phone or take a voicemail message. CEO SUITE even offers UMS [Unified Messaging System], which enables clients to retrieve incoming faxes or voice mail messages on line via e-mail.”

“CEO SUITE accommodates many companies at each of our locations, and our regular office cocktail parties and client gatherings provide a venue to expand your business network, introduce your products and services to potential clients, and make new friends.”

“For clients who prefer to work from home, we offer the Virtual Office. This service provides clients with a prestigious business address, dedicated telephone and facsimile lines, call answering and forwarding services, and access to our reception area, VIP lounge and boardrooms.”

CEO SUITE also maintains offices overseas. This is especially helpful, if you have international clients or are considering opening a new branch office abroad. And with the services provided by CEO SUITE available to anyone, starting your own business isn’t quite as impossible as you may have thought. Right?

Apr 26, 2013

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