An Office to Let

Setting up an office can be a tedious and time-consuming process. With CEO SUITE, entrepreneurs now have the easy option of renting a ready office to start their businesses right away.

CEO SUITE, a prestigious serviced office located at Menara Maxis, adjoining the world’s tallest building, the Petronas Twin Towers, offers fully-equipped offices for local and foreign businesses. “The suites are fully functional and are specially designed to meet the requirements of newly established companies, without the hassle of setting them up from scratch”, exclaims General Manager of CEO SUITE, Ms Me Me Ong.

“While the provision of office accommodation forms the main part of our range of services, our aim however, is to take the business a step further by providing a “one-stop centre” concept, complete with personal touch. Just like a serviced apartment which creates a home away from home, a serviced office provides business executives with everything they need in an office with complete facilities and amenities such as in-built furniture, telephone, facsimile lines, internet connection and even staff for businesses to take-off immediately,” adds Me Me.

The concept is the brainchild of Korean-born entrepreneur, Mee Kim. She holds an MBA in Marketing and Commerce from Australia and joined an Aussie firm in a similar line of business soon after her graduation. Her 15 years of successful career in the industry with her extensive worldwide network led her to venture into this field on her own.

Mee Kim first ventured into Jakarta and subsequently expanded to Singapore and Malaysia. In Jakarta, CEO SUITE is located on the 17th floor of Tower 2 of the Jakarta Stock Exchange and on the 39th floor of Wisma GKBI. In Singapore and Malaysia, the centres are located at Singapore Land Tower and in Menara Maxis, KLCC, respectively.

“Most of our serviced suites are located at landmarks which are the pride of the country. This is in line with our commitment to offer exclusive service to our tenants. In fact, some of the office suites boast of unsurpassed million-dollar views,” says Me Me.

Adding to the list, CEO SUITE opens its branch in China just last month, in the world’s biggest commercial city, Shanghai. Furnished with the latest design, and fitted with the most-advanced equipment and technology possible, CEO SUITE Shanghai has indeed marked a significant milestone for the Group as a whole.

The upmarket and elegantly furnished CEO SUITE occupies the entire floor and exudes a professional image for its occupants. Another added advantage for the tenants is the “no signboard’ policy as set by CEO SUITE. When visitors alight from the lifts into the Centre, the path leads straight to the lobby, designed like a 5-star hotel. In fact, it gives the impression that the whole floor belongs to a particular company.

According to Me Me, the company discourages their tenants to display signboards in each individual suite to ensure that every tenant gets the privilege of having a tasteful office suite. “We strongly believe that first impressions count,” she adds.

During our interview, Me Me offered the Just Property team a tour of their Centre. It certainly has an air of elegance and gave an impression that the entire space was carefully thought out. The tour also gave us an impression that Mee Kim had incorporated fengshui elements into the design of the suites.

Although the entire floor is fengshui embodied, it was tastefully done. There are no statues of gods or goddesses, mystic symbols or classical icons of customary significance, a testament of the company’s sensitivity to its mixed clientele that include both locals and foreigners.

In fact, we were very much impressed with the Balinese settings in the lobby, which was tastefully decorated with a fresh lime green colour scheme and has the ambience of a conducive work place. Another plus factor of CEO SUITE is the friendly team of staff dressed in corporate suits, ready to serve their clients.

We also observed a seemingly good rate of occupancy, indicating that many multi-national corporations and even successful small and medium-sized companies opt for these offices. Me Me lets us on into the kind of clientele CEO SUITE has : “Our major heavyweight international clients are Exxon Mobil, British Telecoms and Dell.” And in Singapore apparently, they even have a client who took half of the Centre to fit in 100 staff!

On the whole, CEO SUITE is among the most successful business centres in the Asian region and is a convenient place for sourcing a perfect office with minimum effort and maximum efficiency.

Apr 26, 2013

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