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Offering instant and flexible office leasing internationally, this company has expanded into the three biggest countries in Asia Pacific

For an established company, launching abroad with a representative office equipped with modern technologies in a strategic location may not be an uncommon thing – but how does a newly-formed company with limited resources go about setting it all up?

The answer, lies in CEO SUITE – with the array of services, and complete facilities it is able to provide for its clients. CEO SUITE provides an immediate solution to the very first headache facing all newcomers, and all new entrepreneurs – set-up costs! The rental of serviced offices (short-term basis possible) offered by CEO SUITE is also an instant appeal to foreign companies who wish to explore business possibilities and opportunities in foreign land, but with limited experience and local knowledge.

“Imagine the capital costs of renting and renovating an office in a commercial district in downtown Jakarta – if it poses to be heavy even for a going-concern, what more for businesses who are just setting up?” exclaims Mee Kim, Founder and President of CEO SUITE.

A total advocate for flexibility and simplicity in business, this Korean-born entrepreneur believes in all the benefits and efficiencies her business would bring to more businesses. It guarantees cost and time efficiencies.

Renting a traditional space in any building would require a minimum lease commitment of 6 to 12 months, while CEO SUITE offers lease commitments from a minimum of an hour, a day, a month or a year. Besides instant offices with international-standard facilities, CEO SUITE, since its establishment in 1997, has extended its range of services to include many other business solutions, including human-resources with its provision of supporting staff in terms of a receptionist, secretary, accountant, etc.

“The convenience with CEO SUITE includes a strategic location, and the ready-availability of all its other resources and services.” Mee Kim explains.

Located on the 39th Floor of Wisma GKBI and the 17th Floor of Jakarta Stock Exchange Tower II in Jakarta, each center houses 40 office suites of varying sizes with rental ranging from approximately US$700 to US$5,000 per month. For ad-hoc rental of a one-man office, the price starts from an affordable hourly rate of US$8. The size of any office in the centers can be easily fitted to each tenant’s preference.

But as our statistics reveals, despite all the services and facilities provided for in a serviced office (as opposed to traditional offices), the option of a serviced office has still yet to captivate the local businessmen as it has appealed to the foreign companies, in particular, multinational companies – which explains the existing tenant-mix of CEO SUITE today – 90% of which foreign multinationals. But gaining its popularity with local businesses is the other business option provided by CEO SUITE, its virtual office option, where a business can be completely represented without the physical location of the company. This product embodies ultimate flexibility and cost-efficiency, appealing to small start-ups with small staff-count.

“Many similar businesses in the Asia Pacific did not survive the financial crisis in Asia. We may have captured the right moment, but still, it requires good management, careful planning and plenty of resilience to stay afloat and be successful in this business,” advises Mee Kim.

CEO SUITE today provides resources not just locally, but internationally. For clients who need to venture abroad where CEO SUITE is present in the city, in Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore or Shanghai, they can be sure that they will be well-taken care of, with networks and resources readily available – yes, even in a completely foreign city!

Apr 26, 2013

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