CEO SUITE sees good prospect in top-class instant office venture

By Rachael Kam

Are you in need of a temporary office, or working from home but wanting to project a professional corporate image?
Just walk into CEO SUITE Kuala Lumpur, a business support center and you may find a solution. CEO SUITE foresees a good opportunity in Malaysia in the business of providing top-class instant office for multinational companies.

“Apart from Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur is the second location in Asia that the company is focusing on,” said CEO SUITE KL Managing Partner, Budhi Sentoso. “Malaysia is a growing country that is still attracting high numbers of foreign investors,”

According to Budhi, owing to that factor, there is a lot of potential for these kinds of business in the country. Located in Menara Maxis within the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) precinct, CEO SUITE KL, which occupies an area of 13,000 sq ft, aims to provide corporate clients with unparalleled high corporate image.

In a meeting the needs of modern business operations, CEO SUITE offers the latest office technology, top class facilities as well as bilingual business support service to satisfy the need of its international clientele’s requirement.

“To provide a better service and giving good environment to our customers, we have initially invested a total of US$ 2 million into this one-stop business support center,” Budhi told Star Business in an interview recently.

The equipment and services provided include over 50 executive suites in various sizes, VIP chambers, board rooms, meeting rooms, virtual office, video conference facilities, multimedia applications, a cyber café and broadband high speed internet access.

“We are targeting an 80 % occupancy within three months from now,” Budhi said. To date, CEO SUITE KL has 40 % occupancy since it was established three months ago. Budhi said that over 80% of the clients were from multinational companies, while the rest were professional locals businessmen.

He said these companies were from a wide range of industries. “All the facilities and services are mainly catered for the high-end markets,” he added.

CEO SUITE is managed by professionally trained managers and multi-lingual staff. It aims to be the best one-stop business support center in Asia.

In CEO SUITE’s expansion plans, Budhi said the company was targeting to open up a center each in Hong Kong and Shanghai in China. “These two centers will be starting operations in the first quarter of next year, he said.
Budhi noted that the next target cities would be Bangkok and Manila, to be followed by Seoul. To maintain CEO SUITE’s international quality standards of service in Kuala Lumpur, it has employed four highly qualified female managers to ensure a high quality of service.

“Having qualified from rigorous product training programmes, these internationally educated, multi-lingual and multi-culture managers are set to serve the demanding needs of modern business environment in Malaysia,” Budhi said.
With the wealth of knowledge acquired, carious programmes are developed to suit the needs of different customers and “the flexible packages of services are accompanied by a reasonable pricing structure, which is one of the key selling points developed by our team,”.

“All major facilities and services are packaged within rental rate leaving the clients more time to concentrate on their basic operations of their business in the shortest time frame,” Budhi said.

The rates range from RM 325 to RM 2,700 per week for different packages.

CEO SUITE clients include Amerada Hess, ANZ Bank, Compaq, DG Bank, ExxonMobile, Hewlett Packard, Lucent Technologies, EDS, , Lycos, Macquarie Bank, eSamsung Asia, Ritz Carlton and KPMG Consulting.

Apr 26, 2013

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