Private Office Suites Aided by Feng Shui

Mar 25, 2013

Comfortable office is important, but for some people (especially Chinese), Feng Shui is more important. According to President of CEO SUITE, Mee Kim -a company that rents instant offices...

Experience Help in the Instant Business

Mar 25, 2013

“I feel sad reading the news of Indonesian entrepreneurs who took their money from Indonesia to invest in Singapore because of political situation,” said Mee Kim in the beginning...

One Stop Business Services for New Investors

Mar 25, 2013

Unstable economic and political situation in Indonesia does not prevent foreign investors from coming to Indonesia. This can be seen in CEO SUITE. When Indonesia was facing economic crisis,...

Exporting Instant Office

Mar 25, 2013

Who does not want to have an office in Sudirman Central Business District ?. The room is modern, spacious and comfortable, the equipment is state of the art technology...

Bisnis Indonesia, August 22, 2000

Mar 25, 2013

The peaceful ending of the annual People’s Representative Assembly meeting made Mee Kim, President Director of PT. CEO SUITE relieve. “During the assembly meeting, I received at least 10...

Virtual Offices are here for real

Mar 25, 2013

Virtual and instant offices are still relatively new in the country, but there is a growing demand for the service. The Jakarta Post’s contributor Rudy Madanir takes a close...

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