Why Set Up Virtual Office in Hong Kong?

Entering the Chinese market is an aspiration of many growing businesses.

The country, no longer an emerging market, is becoming the biggest economy in the world. The effects of Chinese investment and influence impact almost everywhere. Its diverse markets and corporate culture, which support innovation and technology, add to its attractiveness.

Additionally, Chinese consumers that are interested in luxury goods and Western philosophies provide an ideal opportunity for international businesses to be successful in China.

So, what is the best first step for conducting business in China?

A good place to start is with a virtual office in Hong Kong. Considered as one of the best cities to establish and run a business, Hong Kong is attractive to foreign companies for many reasons, including its strategic location, air and sea transportation facilities, simple tax system, and free trade policy. It also offers a productive workforce, stable economic and political environment, world-class infrastructure, an efficient legal system.

In addition to these factors, there are many benefits of a virtual office, especially for entrepreneurs and small businesses. These all-encompassing workspace provide a local address and telephone number for those looking for a base location without the trouble of maintaining permanent office space. They are effective for growing business, while managing the costs associated with expansion.

And, because virtual offices do not belong to any one organization, co-working can be a valuable advantage. Meeting and socializing with other business professionals, particularly locals, is a great way to learn about China’s corporate culture and increase business contacts. Likely most important, since technology is an essential part of business, virtual offices provide access to network connections and skilled IT support experts.

Natasha Fang, Founder and CEO of Tolmao Group, a leading integrated marketing agency headquartered in Shanghai City, has used virtual offices to expand her business throughout Asia. As an entrepreneur, she regularly visits the workspace of CEO SUITE, which has locations throughout the country. Located in some of the most prestigious buildings, they offer all essential services she needs, from sourcing local business partners to legal, accounting, payroll, and IT, at reasonable rates.

Ms. Fang recently visited CEO SUITE’s new Hong Kong location and was extremely impressed. Housed inside K11 ATELIER’s new 66-story, seven-star hotel, serviced residence, and mixed-use commercial office tower, it displays a magnificent waterfront view of the iconic Victoria Harbor.

Moreover, she was fascinated with the revolutionary museum retail concept that blends elements of art, people, and nature. The Japanese architectural firm expressed simplicity in every detail to create a space that projects thoughtful depth. Promoting renewable and clean energy, the facility is pre-certified by LEED, the Leadership of Energy & Environmental Design. Making it even more appealing are the Hong Kong Art Museum, the Garden of Stars, and A Symphony of Lights, which can be easily accessed via direct access to the subway.

According to Ms. Fang, “Not only is the location convenient, touting the city’s captivating lifestyle and culture, but the workspace design is intriguing and the skyline and waterfront view is stunning. Together, it’s serviceable, enlightening, and inspiring – perfect for conducting business!”

International companies, regardless of size, that want to expand their business in Asia should consider Hong Kong and start with a virtual office. As a good first step, it allows them to cost-effectively explore the beauty, the culture, and the opportunities of the Chinese market before making a firm commitment.

Feb 21, 2022

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