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Jakarta — The future holds bright for business prospects of Instant Office rentals. Consumers will agree that this system is far more effective than renting conventional of traditional offices.

“With limited budget, you can have your own office located within a prime location with a prestigious address. Companies can rent monthly, even daily, while all services and facilities are fully provided” Vira Soekardiman, Director CEO SUITE, in Jakarta, said recently.

According to Vira, the concept that they are offering to companies is providing the prestigious location to use as their business address, a dedicated telephone number, as well as secretaries who are ready to assist and accommodate company’s needs. Facilities such as meeting rooms and board rooms are also available.

Vira stated that unlike traditional offices, Instant Offices offers more flexibility. Once companies pay the rent for the office they have chosen, immediately all services are up and running.

”Now compare to traditional offices, where you will have to pay 2 years advanced rental, plus high start up costs for furniture and fittings” Vira added.

The prices are relatively inexpensive considering that the offices are located at Wisma GKBI and Jakarta Stock Exchange. Virtual Offices ranges from $60 – $150 and Instant Offices price ranges from $700 – $4500 per month. Presently, CEO SUITE’s occupancy is 95%, with 300 companies within Indonesia and 700 regionally.

Currently, CEO SUITE operates in 6 locations; Twin Towers Beijing, Hong Kong New World Towers Shanghai, Land Tower Singapore, Menara Maxis Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta Stock Exchange and Wisma GKBI Jakarta.

According to Vira, Instant Offices are suitable for all companies of various sizes and industries such as Consultant Firms, Lawyers, Marketing and those companies with small number of employees.

“Usually, the company’s requirements are not that demanding, so therefore, we do all the day to day operational work that is required by our clients”. Explained Vira.

Apr 26, 2013

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