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Although serviced (or instant) offices are still not as commonly known yet in Indonesia, it is however fast gaining its popularity with its all encompassing facilities for businesses to operate just as successfully without the need to own the property. Widely acclaimed as the market leader in the serviced office business, we checked out CEO SUITE to find out how efficient the concept is …..

Wish to be operating your business within Jakarta’s golden triangle area and yet keep a tab on your office expenses? Believe this. Even with a very limited budget, you can have your office (albeit a virtual office) represented at the most prestigious and busiest business district in town – for as little as $60 per month, a business address at one of the skyscrapers along Sudirman such as Wisma GKBI and/or the Jakarta Stock Exchange building! And should you wish to complete your office address with telephone-answering services, it will cost you only $100 per month. Complete with office usage? How about for as little as $150 per month and be entitled to use a fully-furnished office space, an hour a day? The flexibility is yours to upgrade and downgrade with these different Virtual Office packages and options subject to economic conditions of the day!

Popular with multinationals and local businesses, including start-up businesses, an instant office offers attractive advantages over and above those of conventional and traditional spaces. To rent a serviced (or instant) office, businesses need not be tied down with high initial capital expenditure, nor long lease commitment. Serviced (instant) offices also offer much more flexible, and simpler terms and conditions, saving new venture owners, representative offices the headaches and burdens of cumbersome legal paperwork in starting a business.

With a reasonable sum of money, your office can be ready within minutes. No frustrating fit-outs to supervise, no loans to negotiate for costly renovation works, and what more? No mandatory long leases to be bound to. An instant office is a flexible office with lease term ranging from a month onwards. As they say, “time is money”. An instant office frees up your time immediately to allow you instant focus on issues that matter most: your business.

It is no wonder that in the face of overwhelming supply of office spaces offered by office buildings/developer, the few serviced office operators in town are still deluged with orders! Take the leading operator in town, CEO SUITE for example. In today’s tough economic climate, CEO SUITE is still maintaining an admirable rate of occupancy at 85% on two floors of serviced office suites at Wisma GKBI and the Jakarta Stock Exchange Tower! The other product they offer – Virtual Offices (mainly mail address and telephone-answering services) has attracted an amazing number of 300 companies!

Surely this handsome number of clients managed by CEO SUITE does not occur without any good reasons? Setting aside their friendly and efficient services, the easing of the Asian monetary crises has also played a crucial role in bringing many foreign and local companies back into business in the Golden Triangle in Jakarta. For businesses who are not willing to stretch their budget further than necessary, and yet understand the intrinsic value of owning an office space and address within the prestigious Sudirman area, an instant office with location such as CEO SUITE’s seems like the only choice, a sensible choice, and the perfect choice!

Considering the other nitty-gritty components to think about when setting up your own office: office supplies and equipment to purchase, reliable staff to hire (consider culture shock), phone and internet lines to install, utilities bills to pay, to name but a few, what do we end up with? More hassles? More headaches, and yes, more costs! The “solution of using an instant office as your convenient office is the perfect way out”, remarks Erry Kurniawan, the Business Development Manager of Safir Senduk & Partners, a family finance planning service company, who is currently using CEO SUITE to facilitate his business. Erry believes that the serviced office concept is most suitable for service companies such as Finance Consultants, Marketing Researchers or Lawyers who are likely to require full office support. A productive day for staff of Safir Senduk & Partners is one spent out there in the field, not in the office. “We would normally stay in the office only once a week for evaluation and planning purposes,” Erry explains. A serviced office therefore, complete with professional staff support (based full time in the office) to handle their walk-in clients, phone calls, office-based work, seems like the most viable and effective option for them.

According to Maya H.C. Kandou, General Manager of CEO SUITE, there is still plenty of opportunity for instant office providers to grow. At least in the beginning stage of their business ventures, foreign companies, representative/branch offices will do well with the kind of support and advantages offered by a Serviced Office, while they test and evaluate future prospects of their businesses in the foreign market. “Office activities and requirements in the initial stages usually do not yet require high speed. Therefore, we would still be able to serve them all during this period of time,” enlightens Maya, who is truly convinced about the value of serviced offices!

CEO SUITE is known to be the leading operator in this industry and all their centers are managed only by professional industry experts with the help of experienced and dedicated teams.

Apr 26, 2013

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