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CEO SUITE sets another milestone in the industry by not only providing business executives globally with mere office space but goes the extra miles to help them successfully tie over baffling local customs and culture shocks with their “one-stop service” concept complete with a personal touch ……

Just as serviced apartments create a home away from home, serviced offices provide business executives with everything they need in an office almost instantly anywhere in the world. Beyond mere office space and usually in Class A buildings at prestigious locations, the office space is complete with all the facilities and amenities such as furniture, telephone and fax lines, internet connection, and yes, even staff, for businesses to take off immediately.

Foreseeing the potential and niche in a “one-stop service” concept, CEO SUITE became the brain-child of Korean-born entrepreneur, Mee Kim. She was educated in Seoul, New York and Sydney, and has worked in Asia’s leading urban cities, the U.S.A. and Australia. Being multi-lingual and with extensive cross-cultural experience, she has successfully established a broad international business network during her 15 years in the serviced office industry.
Mee Kim was convinced of the prevailing needs and demands of expatriates and business executives of multinational companies who require office space complete with a full-range of back-up services on unfamiliar grounds. Jakarta was her first starting point, and today, CEO SUITE is renowned as the Region’s Finest Serviced Office!

Unlike all fairy tales, the initial years of CEO SUITE has not been a bed of roses. Recalling those tough years when she first started, her company weathered and, survived the region’s worst financial crisis.

CEO SUITE has since grown from its first centre in Jakarta and expanded to Singapore and Malaysia. In Jakarta, the centres are located on the 17th floor of Tower 2 of Jakarta Stock Exchange and on the 39th floor of Wisma GKBI. In Singapore and Malaysia, the centres are located in equally top-grade buildings in the cities’ financial hub at Singapore Land Tower in Singapore and Menara Maxis, KLCC in Kuala Lumpur. The latest addition will be in the world’s biggest economic powerhouses in Shanghai, China, opening in November this year.

Asked if the current political and economic upheavals, not to mention too, the recent SARS outbreak in the Asian region have affected her business in a major way, where the presence of CEO SUITE centres are predominant, Mee Kim reminds us all that “in every dark cloud, there is always a silver lining”. Instead of focusing on those closed doors, she enlightens that some of these unfortunate world events which are beyond her control, have in fact helped her business in many ways.

“The recent instability all over the world has triggered a readiness in all the big companies to be prepared to be relocated at any time. It has also brought about an understanding of the importance of outsourcing work to other parties,” she explains. Businesses are more reluctant, in times of uncertainties, to furnish, renovate or operate their own office space with all its complexities!” The serviced office concept as provided by CEO SUITE is thus readily welcomed by businesses as they realise its full functionality with no strings attached in terms of long-term commitment.

“Flexibility is the prized advantage that CEO SUITE offers over and above traditional offices,” emphasizes Mee Kim. “And in today’s fast-paced and results-oriented environment, companies can do without the additional headaches and hassles in trying to work through complicated bureaucracies and local customs. At CEO SUITE, we have all the ready infrastructure and business networks to enable your instant focus on your business, not the technical components of setting-up the office.” New market entrants and foreign businesses may thus welcome the idea for a professional such as CEO SUITE to deal with issues such as tax-fraud or violation of employment policies, on unfamiliar grounds.

Services available at CEO SUITE can be tailored to meet the exact requirements of any business. As easy as it seems, the offices are ready to be occupied as soon as the signature is penned on the Contract.

With all its simplicity and flexibility, the better news comes with the fact that no-strings need to be attached in terms of commitment, where offices can be leased from an hour, to years, if you wish. For once, the tenant, not the landlord, decides. This concept thus permits businesses to be tied down just long enough for them to accurately determine if they want their Contract to be further extended.

Office spaces vary in sizes. While small office suites are designed for start-ups and small business owners, large office suites provide ample space for as many as 20 staff. For an even larger staff count, CEO SUITE would be able to handle minor partitioning works to cater to the requirement. Monthly miscellaneous expense payments such as costs of utilities, refreshments, cleaning bills are all made on behalf by CEO SUITE for the tenants. Other facilities include board and meeting room, broadband internet and tele/video conferencing facilities. Need a secretary to take minutes? A professionally trained secretary is only a phone call away.

A visit to one CEO SUITE centre, located at Wisma GKBI, gives real enlightenment to the concept. From the luxurious Italian leather sofas at the reception, one is greeted with a picturesque scene of Semanggi cloverleaf. The contemporary lobby is tastefully decorated in cream-dominated colours, and the impression one gets of the centre is one of a brightly-lit, conducive for work, kind of environment. Quite unforgettable and impressive too are the friendly team of staff, and the sweet coffee aroma from its cyber café as you walk around the Centre.

Seemingly running at a good rate of occupancy, one cease to question all the hype about CEO SUITE as is proven by its current clientele (and constant attraction) of many blue-chip multinational companies, and even successful small and medium-sized owned companies. Amongst many others, their growing list of clientele includes clients such as ANZ, BMC Software, Compaq, Dell, Exxon Mobil, Hutchison, Mitsubishi and Ritz Carlton, a composition of 90 percent foreign-owned, and 10 percent local-based companies.

On the whole, CEO SUITE brings about a fresh perspective to the boring and tedious tasks of sourcing for the perfect office. Your dreams to locate the right office, and in getting it set-up and functioning with minimum effort and maximum efficiency may now be fully realised at CEO SUITE.

Apr 26, 2013

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