Office space rental business increasingly promising

Information technology consultant, Christian Wong heaves a sigh of relief. Last year, his company moved to a new building in Jl. Jend. Sudirman. This new prestigious building categorized as business and commercial center is thoughtfully-constructed with the finest materials and details on par with Ritz Carlton, integrating elegant designs, and the most up-to-date technologies in harmony with the benchmark development.

Opened in October last year, CEO SUITE’s third centre in Jakarta located on the 15th floor of the Ritz Carlton Tower at One Pacific Place is a niche product with the introduction of 25 executive office suites for 1 to 30 professionals. Located in Jakarta ‘s most upscale commercial and retail development in the heart of Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD), it embraces an upscale shopping center, a 5-star hotel, The Ritz Carlton, the Pacific Place Apartments managed by the Ritz Carlton Hotel, and a grand multi-function hall.

Featuring sophisticated architecture and the most complete of infrastructures with magnificent reception and spectacular view, OPP center will change people’s perception that serviced office is merely a temporary solution for small businesses, with the latest IT infrastructure, 24-hour air conditioned server room, and wireless internet lounge with choice of gourmet coffee/tea, etc. It caters to those companies needing a project office which cannot predict total number of team or length of lease period.

In the past, Christian never thought of getting an office instantly in a high quality Grade “A” building. In his case, it was easy and hassle free. Just within a few days; through a Serviced Office provider, he found the right space for his company that was specially tailored to accommodate a team of five staff.

Christian is not the only one; there are other companies who are facing the same predicament. The majority is from multi national companies who have used the same Service in obtaining the office instantly at a reasonable cost. They prefer to use an office that is ready to be occupied and professionally managed thus they do not have to bother with the administrative headaches involved in set ups, so that they can just focus on their business.

In fact, serviced office operators in Indonesia started off from business centers managed by hotels. In line with the development of the business and economy, these business centers are independently managed by private companies, i.e companies not attached to the hotels or building developers.

Not surprising, CEO SUITE has become the pioneer of this particular business in Indonesia . During the financial crisis in 1997 that had swept the entire Southeast Asia region, especially Indonesia , CEO SUITE established its first center in Jakarta . It was during the crisis Serviced Office has become a sought after solution by business practitioners who were striving to continue running their business within the Golden Triangle area, with less space but cost effective in terms of saving their operational costs.

Besides leasing office space in three buildings in Jakarta , CEO SUITE also operates its own centers in Singapore , Kuala Lumpur , Manila , Bangkok and Beijing , including two locations in Shanghai (Puxi and Pudong). Above all, CEO SUITE owns and manages ten locations in the region with a second centre in Kuala Lumpur and Seoul in the pipeline.

After running the business for a decade, CEO SUITE plans to open another branch by combining the concept of working and excitement.

Serviced office has met the needs of business players worldwide, including Jakarta . Take the aforementioned Christian Wong, who feels he must have an office in the Golden Triangle area. Even by having a spacious house in Kebun Jeruk, Jakarta that can be set up as an office but still he needs a representative address.

That is one of the reasons why he needs the services from a company leasing offices in the Central Business District. The office he rents is not just an ordinary space but comes complete with facilities, like furniture, facsimile and telephone lines, internet connection, cleaning service, reception services and many more. “In short, the facilities of a serviced office are more than enough to run a business” said Christian.

The practice of renting a space in prestigious buildings is certainly nothing new. However, the interesting part as a serviced office provider, they do not just lease space; they provide standard office facilities and services which include secretarial services, meeting rooms, 24-hr kitchen facility, video conferencing, not to forget the electricity and air conditioning. A dedicated Personal Assistant and administrative support team are also available to assist you in arranging your appointment schedule, travel & ticketing plans, catering services, to sending facsimiles or even photocopying and are all part of the service.

In using a serviced office, you need not have to hire a receptionist, personal assistant or office assistants; the provider is responsible for recruiting and ensure their staff are professionally trained to deliver a high level of service and standard.

Do not be surprised that a number of serviced office providers are also able to provide marketing personnel, an accountant who handles client’s tax matters to company incorporation arrangement, such as business registration, and even passport applications.

The consideration of running a business from such an office is very substantial. A large number of foreign companies is using the service to set up a representative office in Indonesia . Instant office providers who have open up branches outside Indonesia will be a benefit for their clients, especially for those who intend to hold meetings with their business partners abroad.

CEO SUITE was the pioneer in this specific business in Indonesia when it started operation in the country 10 years ago. Mee Kim herself has personally been in this business for 18 years. Besides, Kim and her team are continuously striving to introduce new innovations to enhance their services and to grow the business
According to the owner of CEO SUITE, Mee Kim, office space leasing in Indonesia is very promising and it is a potential business. That explains why others following her footsteps, not only local but also foreign investors.

By Burhanudin Abe
Reporter, Jakarta Post
Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Apr 26, 2013

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