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In this 21st century where everything is expected to be “instant and practical”, such terms have also become considerations when you are looking for an office space. Just like opening a pop-up card! Time, energy and money saving. Is this really a true idea of future office going to be?

Marina, 29, with some of her colleagues is wishing to permanently establish her company, consultant assistance. When her new company was still just a small business, all of administration matters, etc. were done out of a small pavilion in Kebayoran. Now, the company is growing, many significant clients are adding in, which makes the pavilion not so representative anymore for meetings. Move to a new office? She would need a huge capital source for renting and office space, not to mention having to deal with the building management, which often has a very high demand of requirements, and she must also provide/purchase a lot of office equipment. In addition to that, she would need to hire receptionist and office assistant, and ensure security; all this would certainly result in a big operational budget. “How is it possible to rent one exclusive place strategically located within business district for meetings with easy access and is nicely suitable to build company’s image? Well, there are no other choices than to find a new office that can give all that I need. It looks like that I am not ready to move on,” Marina grumbled.

Marina’s problem is a classic one for professionals who wish to expand their business, especially for those who have just started their own business. It is true that in order for you to succeed, you must start somewhere or even from the scratch. Maybe before, Marina’s dilemma could not be solved. This has caused many ambitions slowing down when they were not properly supported. As everything becomes easier and faster now with the support from high technology and excellent service, Marina’s dilemma is no longer to worry about. Many office providers in town are ready to help with competitive offers.

Need a representative office with sophisticated technology and services? You must check CEO SUITE. Name whatever you need? You name it, you got it! Even if you only need a meeting room for a few hours.

Mee Kim, a Korean lady residing in Jakarta, had foreseen this opportunity several years back. As the president director of CEO SUITE in which she has been dedicating herself for over 5 years now, she is strong and discipline covered by elegant clothes she wears everyday. It was easily predicted that after the first two centers in Jakarta, CEO SUITE expanded its network to Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Shanghai at the latest, which is opening in this coming October. Many years of experience in the same industry enables her to see that Asian market is more promising. Similar to its label, CEO, CEO SUITE’s offices are addressed to Chief Executive Officers, decision makers and leaders of companies. The concept itself is simply to-the-point and easy to understand. Both instant and virtual office concept could easily replace the concept of Single Operator Home Office (SOHO), which was well known and widely spread in the beginning of the century.

What are the benefits and facilities that CEO SUITE has to offer? Let’s hear what Nuke P. Yudaningrat, Manager of CEO SUITE is saying.

Within Seconds
Why instant? The moment you complete signing up with CEO SUITE, you will be able to use its facilities within minutes. You can determine the size of the office in which can fit 1 to 15 persons. Similar to the Lego game, all can be demolished and built in. Even so, the feng shui of each office is still highly considered at CEO SUITE.

Located on the 39th Fl. of Wisma GKBI and 17th Fl. of Jakarta Stock Exchange’s Tower 2, each center of CEO SUITE more or less consists of 40 offices ready to use. Strategic locations, don’t you think? Sometimes your office address can be a tool for marketing. Design and furniture can follow. The need of computers and/or other electronic devices while looking over Jakarta’s spectacular view? This is also something that can certainly and easily be arranged.
In addition, meeting rooms that fit up to 20 persons are also provided, along with supporting facility such as projector, video/teleconferencing, spacious and modern reception area, and chic and comfortable pantry, as if you were sitting on your own café. Offices are available for rent hourly, daily, weekly or yearly. Depending on the prospect of the business; if business is not running as smoothly as expected, you can terminate the lease easily. No worries of loosing a huge amount of cash. Now we know why many representative offices from multinational companies often search for and choose to stay at this kind of office while observing their business in Indonesia. Considering Indonesian politics and economy being unstable – unfortunately, serviced office could be the perfect alternative.


Its motto “You only pay what you Use”, each office is provided with supporting equipment and personnel such as one phone line at the minimum that can be forwarded to anywhere in the world, broadband or dial up Internet, one complete set of furniture, bilingual receptionist who will answer your callers in a nice and specific way you desire, for example, “Good morning, Her world, how may I help you?”, office assistants, IT specialist, 24-hour security system, beverages such as mineral water, tea and coffee are free of charge, electricity, and office maintenance. There will be absolutely no headache of untidy/dirty and/or unattended office. All applicable charge will be put in one invoice sent out in the middle of the month. Yes, it is cost effective! Building image of the company is not easy. You will need an office space in the heart of business district where everything is provided in an exclusive way.

Confidentiality and privacy of the client is highly protected, even when you have to share facility with other tenants. You will never know what sort of companies registered at CEO SUITE. As a result, you will feel at “home” but still be able to keep your corporate image. It is not as easy as you might think to become a client of CEO SUITE. All the requirements and responsibility of each company wishing to register must be transparent. It is not to make it difficult but more to be cautious to prevent bad intentions and illegal activities. Supporting documentation must be completed, such as, company profile, tax registration number, organization structure and business cards.

CEO SUITE can also play a role of event organizer outside or within the premises. For example, if one of the clients would like to conduct a meeting or dinner/cocktail party at a five-star hotel, CEO SUITE will be their event organizer, and stand by during event. Whatever clients need, as long as it is within reasonable ranges and achievable, why not! Other services that CEO SUITE would not able to fulfill, CEO SUITE will ask assistance from other professionals within its network. For example, notary service, tax consultant, accounting services, office/house relocation, recruitment, project management, mailing and graphic design, etc. Complete one-stop service!

The rent ranges from USD700 to USD5,000 per month. Hourly rate starts from USD8 for a one-man office. Everything is specially tailored depending on your needs and budget, and will be put together in one attractive package. Prospective clients will be invited to view because seeing is believing.


More comfortable working from home? Or already have a space outside of the city? A virtual office package is available for this condition. In fact, this is what Marina needed, as described in the beginning of the article. She only needed one office that can also be used occasionally but yet, is representative for meetings with clients. No need to have an actual space at all. Simply think of it as the 2nd office using CEO SUITE’s address. One dedicated phone line that can be directly forwarded to you by your receptionist. New business cards for your new image can be arranged as well. In other words, you hire a new manager to answer all of your questions and requirement related to your business. This is a very flexible option for dynamic professionals.

Are there many companies using this service? According to Nuke, there have been 300 virtual clients so far. Some celebrities have started to use this service rather than hiring “real” manager, she added.


In the past few years, the trend has moved into serviced office industry that offers instant office and virtual office. Its flexibility makes it suitable for new growing and international companies who wish to have a representative office.
In some other countries, the concept of serviced office has already started and become an ordinary request. Therefore, CEO SUITE decided to grab this opportunity to expand its wings to other countries. Aside from having domestic clients, CEO SUITE believes that it can provide facilities to its domestic clients who intend to have meetings or open a new branch/office in another country. All arrangement can be done from Jakarta for their convenience. As simple as that!

You can expand your network within the building, as CEO SUITE holds a special gathering once every three months to introduce already-registered companies to the new comers/colleagues. A new prospect could be established, you’ll never know! What is most wonderful experience for Nuke is when her clients grow; because CEO SUITE will grow with them as well, just as word of mouth travels fast.

Starting a new company as fast as snapping your fingertips is not an impossible thing to do anymore. Whatever and whenever you think you can do, just do it while you can. After all, the facility is already there for you. Big ambition, large means!

Apr 26, 2013

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