CEO SUITE: Solutions Tailored to Suit You

Innovation and creativity are the offsprings of necessity, and few know it better than players in the serviced office industry. It is a competitive market out there, and the team at CEO SUITE understands that far better than anyone else – they know they must stand-out distinctive to stay ahead.

CEO SUITE clearly places great emphases on premises and facilities, with stunning office locations across Asia, but in order to differentiate itself in the heavily dense market, the team goes one step further – with primary emphasis placed on personalized service – in terms of its range of services and quality of service, it is a serviced office that focuses on both the ‘service’ and the ‘office’, rather than just the latter.

CEO SUITE is undoubtedly making its mark, in more ways than one. The business’ upper management comprises mainly of sharply-dressed and highly-professional ladies. And in their high-heels, they walk the walk of a prestigious service-provider, catering to an eclectic group of clients ranging from professional sole proprietors, perhaps working from home, who need access to meeting facilities, to Fortune 1000 multinational companies. The common thread with all these clients is that they tend to represent repeat business.

Any member of a service industry knows that experience is the key to success : only by possessing that professional maturity that comes with time will there be fruits from complete service satisfaction.

Between them, the team members at CEO SUITE have decades of experiences. “Even our receptionist has 10 years of experience in this industry”, says founder and President, Mee Kim. “We have highly experienced individuals who form the teams in each center and who understand all the subtleties of local customs, language and business practices. There’s no substitute for local knowledge when it comes to satisfying an unusual request.”

Experience leads to innovative solutions…whatever that might entail. At the end of the day – CEO SUITE aims to do so much more than provide office space – it remains their ambitions to help their clients run their businesses successfully even with all the complexities.

“To say we are a ‘Serviced Office’ does not do CEO SUITE justice, for we are a ‘business solutions’ provider”, says Carole Khoo, the GM of CEO SUITE, who has provided solutions to some of the most unusual and rare requests and problems. In fact, she has heard of them all, and remains always happy to help.

“We’ve spring-cleaned clients’ offices while they are away on long vacations, we’ve helped them identify international schools in Singapore, we’ve helped a client in arranging domestic help, and these are not the most unusual yet – we’ve even arranged air-freight for a pet from Bangkok to Singapore and assisted clients with unusual shopping request like looking for mahjong tiles! It’s providing solutions for the unusual requests that makes the job both challenging and fun.”

Complete service, experienced team and a one-stop solution … it all adds up to what you can expect from CEO SUITE. Drop in and see the team, because you’ll be surprised at what they can do to make your life that little bit easier. And what more, the business is fast expanding, tough market or not – CEO SUITE, Shanghai opens in two weeks’ time. It shall be the company’s fifth center, and shall be the centre that completes the missing link in Asia – a useful network for the many business travelers in this region. And, small business-owners or jet-setting multinational executives, we can all do more now with less at CEO SUITE!

Apr 26, 2013

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